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A Giveaway and Holiday Cards with Minted

19 Nov

That’s right, people. You heard it here first. I’ve decided to go rogue and try a different company for my Christmas cards this year. The winner is Minted! Let’s look at the 6 reasons I’m making the switch.

#1 Minted makes my super cool business cards and I love them. 

minted biz card

How cute is it that my biz cards are totally personal on the back, too?

PicMonkey Collage for biz card

#2 Great designs with lots of options

They offer over 1000 holiday designs in all. Plus the option to change the design based on your holiday needs.  For example, this design (one of my favorites called Etched) can be changed from Happy Holidays…

etched holiday

…to Merry Christmas…

etched chrsitmas

…or even Happy New Year.etched happy

#3 Super Searching Tool

Before you start having heart palpitations thinking about how you’ll never be able to pick just one, fret not! Because Minted offers one of the coolest holiday card search tools I’ve ever seen: Find It Fast.

fins it fast 1

Simply upload a photo you’re considering and Find It Fast drops it into all of the designs. It’s a quick and simple way to see which ones are going to work and which ones to skip over (I’m talking to you Little Joy! maybe you’ll work for someone else’s pictures but you need to get your words off of my kid’s face!)

find it fast

#4 Supporting independent artists

Another thing that sets Minted apart is that the designs are submitted by thousands of independent designers. You could even be a Minted designer! Check out how to submit your designs by clicking here. Not creative? You can still be part of the democracy by voting for designs you like here.

And I love that when you pick a style you like, there’s a link to read a little bit more about the designer. One of my favorites this year, We Are Family, is designed by Karly Depew of Oscar & Emma in Columbus, Ohio. You can read more about Karly and see more of her designs here.


#5 More than just great cards

Just click on Art Prints or Party Decor if you want your head to explode.  I mean, how about this Heart Snapshot custom art? Love it!


Or in the party decor section, this 10 foot gold bunting? Yes please!

gold bunting

#6 A Minted Giveaway

I know you thought I was going to say that the reason I picked Minted is because they sponsored this post, but you’re wrong. Sure. They are picking up most of the tab for my cards this year but they weren’t the only company that offered so know that I’m using Minted because I want to, not because I have to.

But I was feeling a little bribed (in a good way!) when they agreed to a $75 giveaway right here on Sue at Home. Because you know the only thing I love more than scoring a deal for myself is scoring one for you!

Giveaway details:

Prize: A gift certificate code worth $75 towards products on

Number of Winners: One

How to enter: Leave a comment telling me what you want for Christmas (or whatever holiday that you celebrate)!

Giveaway closes: Friday, November 22nd at 9 pm

One entry per email address permitted. Winner will be chosen at random using Winner will be posted on Sue at Home.

Thanks for entering!


Sue at Home

Chris March for Target

23 Sep

They’ve arrived! The new foam Big Fun Halloween wigs by Project Runway’s Chris March have landed in Target stores. Naturally when we discovered them me, Soph, and Lily had to have a complete photoshoot right there in the Halloween department.

photo (80)

photo (81)

photo (83)

photo (82)

photo (78)

photo (79)

photo (77)

Details at


Sue at Home

Batik Pillows from Etsy

24 Aug

I’ve got a problem. It’s an obsession really. You see, I need new pillows for my living room couch and once I saw these beauties from Amber Interiors I couldn’t think of anything else.


They’re dark blue batik with hot pink stitching and that pretty much means they’ve got my name written all over them. But there’s a problem. Let’s take a closer a look at this pillow named Sally.

sally pillow

Do you see the problem? That’s right. She’s $195! Oh Amber, I love your shoppe but I do not have $600 to spend on three pillows. So, I did what any smart shopper (AKA poor shopper) would do: I went to etsy. It didn’t take much–just a quick “batik pillow” search–to find a couple great shops.

First I spied SiameseDreamDesign which has lots of batik pillows (and bonus: their prices are more in the $28 range)! There were lots that I liked and I highly considered these two.  (Click pics for direct links.)



But I kept searching and finally hit the jackpot with OrientalTribe11.  A little pricier (the 16×16 ones are $40 and the 20x20s are $60) but I felt like they were closer to the Amber ones that I so coveted. I bought these two but there are lots more like them:



Hmmm…that second one looks kinda similar to our old friend Sally. Let’s take a closer look.

pillow compare

Damn, I love Etsy.

And yes, I know I said I was buying three but I think I’m going to wait until I get the first two and then figure out what else I need. As excited as I am about my cheaper find, I still think Amber (interior designer and seller of the $195 pillows) is a genius so I’m going to follow her lead and make sure my pillows aren’t all too matchy.  I mean, did you see this beautiful pillow pile when her place was featured on Style Me Pretty Living last week?

amber pillows

You’ve just got to check it out. Her whole place is a study in contrasts. It’s all crisp and clean with beautiful ethnic accessories.

amber dining

amber bedroom

amber patio

Can I move in?

Stay tuned to see how the living room shapes up when my new pillows arrive! (Here’s how it looks now. More on the living room here.)


All Amber Interiors home pictures via Style Me Pretty Living photographed by Bryce Covey.


Sue at Home

Haven’s Kitchen

19 Jul

I first visited Haven’s Kitchen about a year ago for a Keri Levitt Communications event but, for whatever reason, I never wrote a post about it. Well…wait no more, dear readers. Here it is!

Haven’s Kitchen is (according to their website) a “recreational cooking school, specialty food shop, and event space” in Manhattan on West 17th Street. I love the place because their homemade granola is crack in a bag but the reason I wanted to share it with you is the fun decor. Let’s take a look. (Apologies in advance for the iphone pics.)

One step in the door and you’re greeted by lights in little jam jars.

havens-kitchen (28)

Next you’ll see industrial shelves with all of Haven’s yummy food products.  (I’ll take this opportunity to mention that granola again. I promise, it’s worth the $11 you’ll pay for a 1 lb bag.)

havens-kitchen- (25)

havens-kitchen- (26)

In the back is the kitchen where they host cooking classes. One of the most popular classes: Boozy Brunch.

havens-kitchen- (23)

There are so many cute things on the walls.

havens-kitchen- (24)

havens-kitchen- (27)

Now, let’s go upstairs to the event space. I love the art on the way up.

havens-kitchen- (13)

And the marble steps aren’t too bad either.

havens-kitchen- (22)

Isn’t the striped sofa in this little seating area just amazing?

havens-kitchen- (15)

And right next to that is this beautiful bar.

havens-kitchen- (17)

Oh, hello little pops of yellow.

havens-kitchen- (18)

The best has got to be this sweet this sentiment by the bathroom mirror.

havens-kitchen- (20)

Oh…and did I mention the granola? I know, I know. But believe me, if you try it, you’ll undrestand why I had to tell you about it three times.  You’ll thank me. (Photo via


Thanks to Keri and Jillian for introducing to this amazing place!


Sue at Home

Instagram Photo Book from Blurb

28 Feb

I just got my custom photo book from Blurb and I love it so much that  I just had to share a little bit of it with you! It features 60 of my favorite Instagram pics.  Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim offered the free book for 24 hours only last week and I was quick enough to snatch one up!

It’s not something that I would have ordered for myself if it wasn’t free so it really feels like a special treat. Check out a few pages:


Doesn’t it look cute sitting in my lucite Jonathan Adler tray?







Picking the pictures for this made me realize that I took my best pictures when I was doing Fat Mum Slim‘s Photo-A-Day Challenge last summer. I’m trying to get back to doing it again. It just pushes you to think a little harder about the pictures you take and that means–surprise, surprise!–you take better pictures. Read more about it here and  here. And here’s Chantelle’s prompt list for March. (Any guess what I’ll take a picture of for March 1st?)

If you’d like to order one for yourself, check out Blurb. My book is small and it has a soft cover but I’m really pleased with the quality and speed of the order. The pictures look pretty great considering they were taken with my phone!

Oh…and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at sueerneta!


Sue at Home

NYIGF Awards

23 Feb

It’s been weeks since I went to the New York International Gift Fair and I’m still excited about all the goodies I saw. I only had a few hours so I didn’t get to every booth (not even close!) but I found so many fun things that I’d like to give out some Sue at Home Awards to my favorites.

The Just-What-I-Needed Award goes to Tord Boontje’s garland light for Artecnica. I don’t think it’s new but it struck me right away since I think it will be just the thing our master bedroom needs to replace the boob light. I’m thinking gold. Or silver? Or gold? Or…what do you think? At that price I could get them both!


The Best-Deal award goes to these cute reuseable stick-on party banners from Stickr. Only $19.95!


The Best-Color-Combo award goes to Jill Rosenwald for this orangey and purple mix. Read more about Jill Rosenwald’s new goodies in my all-Jill post here.


The My-Ladies-Would-Love-This award goes to Atusyo et Akiko for these pretty necklaces and bead kits. I’ve loved this brand forever–I have one of their Je T’Aime pillows on my pink chair–so it was nice to see their other offerings. (That bead kid would be a fun DIY too!)



The Nice-To-Meet-You award goes to Alexandra Ferguson who makes these gorgeous pillows from recycled plastic bottles. I’ve been wanting one for awhile so it was nice to meet the designer behind the brand. I’ve been dying to get the Let’s Make Out pillow but I think it would just prompt too many questions from the kids that I’m not ready to answer! Maybe her new at last pillow will be mine…



The Just-Can’t-Get-Enough-Washi-Tape award goes to Sweet Bella who had this amazing display.


The Welcome-To-Wonderland award goes to Seletti for…well, everything. Their booth had me dropping my chin over and over. Check out the neon tipped china!


Ironically enough, I spotted a DIY version by Shop Sweet Things on Pinterest a day after I saw the Seletti ones. Pretty great, right?

I also LOVED the amazing Palace set of china. I’d have to much fun playing with it!


And seriously…a card table? Like a real card table??


And the fun continues with these half and half plates.


The Too-Many-To-Choose-From award goes to Areaware’s animal pillows. They’re not new but they sure are cute.


The Destined-To-Be-Icon award goes to Jonathan Adler’s new Bond Lucite collection of brass and lucite tables and this stunning etagere. Read my full recap of JA’s booth here. (Did I mention I saw Mr. Adler himself there? I audibly gasped and then scurried away. Cool, Sue. Real cool.)


The Maybe-They-Are-Worth-It award goes to Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s acrylic collection. I had seen it online, fell in love, and then instantly fell out of love when I saw the prices. I mean…$388 for an acrylic candy bowl? Really? REALLY? But then I saw them in person and I thought they might actually be worth it. They’re pretty fabulous. Still…I don’t have $388 for a candy bowl so I’ll continue to desire from afar…



The Color-and-Pattern-Overload award goes to Images D’Orient for their amazing PVC coasters, placemats, trivets, chargers and just about anything else you can make out some rubbery stuff.


The I-Wanna-DIY-You award goes to these cute glittery letters from Tinsel Trading. I see glitter in my future….


I hope you enjoyed a little tour of the show. I’d like to say a little thanks again to Minted for my awesome business cards. I passed out tons of them at the show and just about everyone said “Cute card!”

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. I’ve got so many projects going on that I haven’t had time to blog about them all! But stay tuned for all the good afters!


Sue at Home

New Stuff from Jonathan Adler: NYIGF recap

18 Feb

A few weeks ago when I visited the New York International Gift Fair, there was one booth that I knew I couldn’t miss: Jonathan Adler. Don’t you see the rays of sunlight pouring out of it and the angels singing overhead? Because I do.


Of course, everything he makes is gorg but I’m here to show you some of the newbies. First, let’s take a closer at those beautiful cubes. The detail is made by dropping oil on the lacquer as it’s being finished to create a marbelized look. And no, you don’t want to know the price.


Jonathan (wait, that feels weird since I don’t know him) Mr. Adler has added to his menagerie of animals with these new little friends: terriers (that will sell so well that JA can probably buy a new house next year with all the money he makes off of them!)…


…and a unicorn. Yes, people. A unicorn! How did he not have this before?


My favorite thing–hands down–was the new Maxime chair. She’s plush and comfy and damn, is she a looker or what?  Those brass legs are short but they’re still so sexy!


Note: she’s as foxy going as she is coming. Va va voom!


If you don’t have the $2250 it’ll cost you for the shearling version of Maxime (Gah!), you can slum it with the equally gorgeous green velvet version for only $1750. It’s shown here with some stunning brass tables with shell insets that seriously make me gasp.


Destined to be a classic is the new Bond Lucite collection of tables in lucite and brass. Yes people, I said it – LUCITE and BRASS! There’s an etagere for $1995…


…a coffee table for $995 (shown below) plus a 2-tier table, also $995 (but not pictured).


Start saving your pennies, folks! (I must note that even though I joke about the staggering prices, I think JA’s wares are worth every penny and if had that $2250, then Maxime would be mine!)

But even if you know your bank account will never add up to all the Jonathan Adler things you want, you can wait for his new exclusive Happy Chic collection coming to JC Penney stores this spring.


Yup – that’s right. JC Penney. I know that sounds crazy now but you will be floored by all the amazing brands that’ll have stylish new collections at JCP come spring. It’s good, people. Real good.

Stay tuned for more Gift Fair recaps. (And click here for my previous NYIGF recap about fellow potter Jill Rosenwald.)


Sue at Home

Thrift Store Challenge

27 Jan

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Sherry and John Petersik’s blog Young House Love. It’s not just the great DIY and decorating ideas they come up with.  It’s the way they write. They’re kind, real, smart, and funny as hell.  Of all the blogs I follow daily (hundreds!), theirs is the only one I read word-for-word everyday. And they write a LOT of words! (Ok…I always read Elements of Style, too. But that’s about it.)

I’ve been meaning to write a thrift store post forever but I never got around to it. So when Young House Love decided to do the 100% Totally Unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge, I had to bite. Challenge accepted!


I, too, have been obsessed with the new Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song Thrift Shop. With lyrics like, “I wear your granddad’s clothes. I look incredible. I’m in this big a$$ coat from that thrift shop down the road.“, how can you not get on board? Sherry and John’s challenge goes like this:

Step #1. Go to a thrift shop with – just as the chorus of the song says – “$20 in your pocket”and take a picture. Done. See above. (BTW: Sorry for all the bad iphone pics in this post. I was thrifting solo.)

Step #2. Spend that $20 any way you’d like and photograph your spoils.  Did it! See below…

Step #3. Find one item (or more) referenced in the song and snap a pic. Yup – did that, too. See pics below. (Sherry, who is well-versed in rapper speech, gave this list to the lyrically-challenged: “clothing with fringe, an all pink outfit, moccasins, a velour jumpsuit, house slippers, a brown leather jacket, a keyboard, a kneeboard, shoes with velcro, luggage, a plaid button up shirt, flannel zebra jammies, PJs with built-in socks, a telescope, and of course… a big a$$ coat.”)

Optional Step #4: Blog about it. Here it is!

So, come thrifting with me!

On the way to the store, guess what came on the radio? I took that as a good sign that this would be a fruitful shopping trip. (Seriously, I was so busy rocking out in the car that I had to open a window to cool down and that’s saying a lot because it’s 25 degrees here.)

I went to Unique in Union, NJ which is a thrift store like no other.


Unique is well organized, has tons of stuff (including furniture), and is ridiculously priced. Let’s take a tour:

There are lots of toys. I wouldn’t buy any grimy stuffed animals but a lot of these plastic things would be just fine with a scrub down. That little parking garage thing with the red ramps on the left side was a whopping $1.91. (I don’t know where they come up these weird prices but I’m not going to argue with something so cheap.)


There are rows and rows that look like this. This one was just books but there are aisles of china and CDs and holiday stuff and anything else you can think of.


I decided to skip the used bra and panty section. EEKS!


I loved spotting this little gem in the game area. Ha!

weakest link

I even snagged a picture of this sweet pink velour sweatsuit which satisfied the scavenger hunt portion of the challenge: to find something that was mentioned in the Thrift Shop song. In fact, if I may toot my scavenger horn, this beauty satisfies 2–that’s right, TWO!–categories: the “all pink outfit” and “the velour jumpsuit”! How you like me now, $herdog?


But let’s get over to the furniture department because you know that’s where I’m spending my 20 spot. I kinda fell in love with this headboard and it would be perfect for Sophia’s room once we get her a full size bed. All it would need is some spray paint in…hot pink? Yellow? Purple? Green? GOLD? Doesn’t matter because I passed on it. And it was only $14.99!


This desk needed a facelift and some new hardware but it had sexy legs , good bones, and it was really stable and sturdy. Bonus: the $9.99 price tag. No joke – if I had a bigger car, this would have come home with me.


I snagged a bonus pic for the scavenger hunt: a suitcase. They have tons but I was partial to this American Tourister in candy apple red that still had it’s striped luggage tag. Dirty? Yes. But a steal for $4.99.

luggageBut it was the chair section that I really wanted to check out. This section is also known as the where-guys-sleep-while-their-wives-are-shopping section. Case in point: dude in the wicker chair. (I’ve given him some dignity by shielding his face from my readers.)


I’ve been looking for some chairs for a loooooooooong time. I’d like to do a little mismatched thing around our table in the den. You know that look where you take a bunch of random chairs and paint them in a matching color for continuity? I don’t know what color we’ll do but all I need for now are 4 totally mismatched chairs that are somewhat stable or at the very least, repairable. Here are a couple examples of the look I want.

From BH&G

From ELLE Decor

From Apartment Therapy

And here’s what our sad little (faux-Saarinen-tulip) Docksta table looks like now. The fancy folding stools were purchased circa 1995 at the Woolworth’s on the Upper East Side. (Yes, there used to be a Woolworth on the Upper East Side. Naturally, it’s a Banana Republic now.)


OK – let’s get back to shopping. So, I gave each chair a little wiggle to check it’s stability and then pulled out this motley crew. (I know that one on the left is a little wimpy compared to the others but we have small people in our house and I think they’ll fit in there just perfectly.)


I wasn’t sure they were my final choices until I added up the random prices and found that it came to $19.96, just 4 pennies shy of my budget! Obviously, these chairs were meant to be mine. (Sure, I had to pay another $1.40 for tax but I still felt pretty proud of the score I got for the “$20 in my pocket” and some change from my wallet.)


By the way, the cheapest one has a stamp on the bottom that says Solid Mahogany. Which further proves that the prices they put on these things are so random. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to refinishing the chairs but you know I’ll keep you posted. For some decor inspiration for our den (a.k.a. the-most-well-lit-man-cave-in-the-world), check out my Pinterest board for the room.

On the way home, since I was in a thrifting mood, I decided to stop by Goodwill. There wasn’t much there but I really liked this peacock blue velvet lampshade for $2.99. (Ultimately, I couldn’t think of a room that I could use it in so I had to say no.)


And Christian Slater was begging me to bring him home but I’m not 16 anymore so I had to leave him behind. (Plus, I don’t think I need to see that movie again. Now, if it was Heathers then that would be a different story…)


Stay tuned to see my chairs turn into something purty. (Just don’t hold your breath though. It’s freeeeeezzzzzzing here and there will be no outdoor sanding or spray painting until we get a reprieve from the cold!)


Sue at Home

P.S. Stop the Presses! I just scheduled an appt to meet John and Sherry this week through my real job. Fingers crossed that everything works out. I’ve been dying to get them in the magazine for years so I’m thrilled to discuss some ideas with them in person. (And gush some love and admiration all over them!)

Screen Prints by Ricardo Roig

19 Jan

I’m so excited to share a new find with you. Ricardo Roig is an amazing local artist who works primarily in screen prints. His work is stunning – and very reasonably priced which you know I LOVE.

Ricardo cuts each shape out of paper to create the stencil to print from. And then he does all the screen printing by hand. To learn more about his process, watch this beautifully edited video by George Gross. (It’s almost totally silent and yet I was completely captivated. Watch it.)

I really love all of his work but obvi, I’m partial to his Westfield series. (Boo hoo. The first one shown below, “Movie Night”, is sold out. But Ricardo assures me there’s a new downtown Westfield one coming soon. Maybe it’ll have our beautiful new store that I told you about here.)

Since Ricardo lives in Hoboken, he also has a number of Hoboken themed works that I love.

As my readers know, I think art teachers are awesome (I took Sophia to meet my high school art teacher last year) and Ricardo is actually an elementary art teacher here in Westfield. Doesn’t that make you love his work even more?

If you’re interested in purchasing an amazing screen print, contact Evalyn Dunn Gallery in Westfield or Tresorie in Hoboken.

In fact, Ricardo will be showing new works at Tresorie in Hoboken tomorrow, Sunday January 20th (that’ll probably be TODAY by the time you read this!) from 2-6. (Tresorie is located at 1204 Washington Street in Hoboken.) Tell Ricardo that Sue at Home sent you!

Speaking of art, I’m off to Sophia’s 2nd grade class on Monday to do an art presentation and project about Andy Warhol. Wish me luck. I’m not sure how I’m going to explain his themes to kids. I mean – do 7 year olds want to hear “Fascinated by morbid subjects and celebrity, Warhol symbolized Monroe’s mortality, and her media saturation through brash, assembly-line reproductions of her face.”? I think not.


Sue at Home

All images from

New Business Cards from Minted

17 Jan

I’m heading off to the New York International Gift Show in less than two weeks so I figured it was time to restock my business cards. I’m so in love with the ones I got last time from Minted that I reordered the same thing with one little change. Here’s what they look like on the front:

and here’s the back:

PicMonkey Collage for biz card

In my first batch, I had this collage on the back but I decided for something new this time. Just, ya know, to have something new.

PicMonkey Collage 3

I’m totally smitten with the amazing talent at Minted but the really cool thing about their designs is that they let independent designers submit designs to them through the Minted Design Challenge. Then readers get to vote on the designs and the winning ones are made by Minted. Love it!

Minted offers any kind of paper goodie you can think of: calendars, greeting cards, holiday cards, stickers… even art prints and party decor. And please don’t get me started on wedding invitations. I had a hard enough time deciding what I wanted back in 2002 when the choices were pretty slim! I can’t imagine what I would pick now. Maybe one of these?



I recently considered this invite for Sophia’s forthcoming Glamtastic Birthday Party (you’ll read a LOT more about that in these pages over the next couple months) but I decided to make something on my own. (Yes, it’s a Sweet 16 invitation. Yes, I was considering it for my daughter who is turning 8. But yes, I could have changed the text.)

Anyway, let’s get back to the matter at hand: business cards. There are so many cute ones to choose from at Minted but some of my favorites are the ones that are made for specific jobs. Aren’t they so sweet?


There are also lots of clean, graphic options in case you’re not a photographer, hairdresser, dog walker, nurse, mom or farmer.

Make sure that you also check out Minted’s A-DORABLE blog, Julep. (Get it? Minted? Julep? Mint Julep?) It’s got  fun DIY, party ideas, crafts and just lots of all around pretty stuff.


Anyone else headed to the Gift Show? Let me know and I’ll come and check out your booth!


Sue at Home

P.S. Full disclosure: Minted hooked me up with some business cards but I would have bought them anyway and you can ALWAYS trust that I would never tell you that I like something unless I really, really believe in it. Promise.

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