About Sue

Sue at Home is about my life outside of work. I’m a part-time magazine fashion editor in NYC and a full-time mom in the ‘burbs. I love renovating my mid-century home, hunting for interior design ideas, throwing parties and baking, being silly with my stylish kids, and doing all things crafty and creative.

How I Got Here: For 18 years, I have been a NYC-based fashion editor and I still am. My career began as the closet assistant at GQ. From there, I went to ELLE where I spent 7 years moving from assistant to market editor. I covered French and British designers as a market editor and the job was truly a dream come true. (Travelling to Europe for the shows, discovering new designers, and being one small part of so many breathtaking photo shoots–it was all something I dreamed about as a teenager.) But then I got married to my wonderful husband Pablo and the idea of devoting my life to my job was not as exciting anymore. At around the same time, I had an epiphany about clothes: as much as I loved high end fashion, I couldn’t relate to it. I didn’t know people outside of work who bought such expensive clothes. And I thought I could take what I had learned at ELLE and apply it to a job where I could teach real women how to fix up their wardrobes without spending a fortune. That’s when Ladies’ Home Journal came along. In the time I’ve been at LHJ (over 10 years!), I’ve had two beautiful daughters and I moved from my beloved Manhattan apartment to a home in the suburbs. I love my house and my classic all-American town but I also love that I get to spent time in NYC every week.

Having kids and a home can sure change your priorities. I was beginning to feel burnt out and overwhelmed all the time. I was the first person to leave work and yet I was the last person to pick up my kids at daycare at the end of the day. My weekends were filled with errands which left very little time to enjoy myself and my family. So in April of 2012, when I was offered the chance to change to a 3-day per week schedule and still keep my position, I jumped at the chance. The loss in salary has hit our family hard but I know how to pinch pennies so we’ll get through it.

In addition to getting more time with my kids (which is blissful most of the time), I’ve finally had time to start my own blog. I have been writing fashion and parenting posts for lhj.com since 2009 so this exercise isn’t new to me but it is demanding to be doing it all on my own. I’m now at a 4 day/week schedule at work and the balance is much better. But that extra day was my blog day so for now, I’m slowing down the posts.

I think I’ve got a lot to share. I try to find fun and creative ways to do everything from decorating a room in my house to throwing a birthday party for my kids. I promise to be open and honest and share my screw-ups and my successes. Thanks for following, reading, and joining me on this journey. It should be fun!

Please feel free to follow me all over the place. On Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, I can be found at: sue_erneta.  Or email me at sue.erneta@gmail.com

(All opinions are mine and not those of my employer.)

5 thoughts on “About Sue”

  1. Super inspiring! I too am a working mom (I have a one year old daughter) and I’m trying to find that balance of spending time with my family + keeping up with my demanding job + pursuing my blogger “aspirations” ;-)

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I think your blog is pretty awesome

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t have a DIY oyster lamp project.

    Hi Sue. I am trying to find your DIY Oyster lamp project. Can you please help me? Thanks!!

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