Libby & Smee

What is Libby & Smee?

You may have come here for the DIY projects that I used to feature on Sue at Home and thought, uh…where am I? But don’t fret! It’s still me, Sue Erneta, the creative fashion-loving mom, and I’m still here at my home in a suburb of NYC. But today, I’d like to welcome you to the world of Libby & Smee!

I created Libby & Smee, my handmade line of simple fun statement jewelry, a few years ago after spending 20 year as a magazine fashion editor. It all started with a pair of DIY green tassel earrings. I knew I was on to something because people always stopped me when I wore them. On a whim, I walked into a small shop in my town and before I could even ask the shop owner if she was interested in carrying them, she looked up and said, “I love your earrings”!


An Etsy shop and a couple more wholesale accounts soon followed and today Libby & Smee is worn all over the world. I have made and sold thousands of hoop earrings, beaded bracelets, and choker necklaces and I’m proud to say that Libby & Smee is still a one-woman operation.  You can shop the line at and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter (and get a coupon code as a thanks!) by clicking here.

JA18_DITL_SueE_Portrait_0118 small

The name Libby & Smee comes from my daughters’ initials (LBE and SME) and they are the heart and soul of everything I make. I love having a challenging yet flexible career that keeps me at home so that I can be more involved in their lives. (As much as they’ll let me!)

I’m looking forward to using this space for fashion inspiration, behind-the-scenes info and everything Libby & Smee-ish! What do you want to see posted here? Let me know!


Sue at Home for Libby & Smee

Sue at Home is the lifestyle blog created by Libby & Smee founder, designer, and maker Sue Erneta. To shop Libby & Smee’s simple fun statement jewelry, visit 

Photo of me by Shannon Greer for WW Magazine.


3 thoughts on “What is Libby & Smee?”

  1. Loved hearing from you and your business!!! Have you thought about any ideas for do-at-home kits? I’d love to do something at home with all the family. I know it’s not your norm but just thought I’d put it out there because we looking for ideas. And your jewelry is really beautiful and stylish.

    Thanks, Donna


    1. Hi Donna! Thanks for reaching out! (Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!) I’ve thought a lot about making kits but many of the pieces I make require so many jewelry-making tools that I can’t figure out the best way to offer it. I’m definitely considering it though! In the meantime, check out Woman Shops World (link below). It’s a jewelry supply shop that sells kits. You might find something you like there. Good luck!

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