Libby & Smee

What is Libby & Smee?

You may have come here for the DIY projects that I used to feature on Sue at Home and thought, uh…where am I? But don’t fret! It’s still me, Sue Erneta, the creative fashion-loving mom, and I’m still here at my home in a suburb of NYC. But today, I’d like to welcome you to the world of Libby & Smee!

brand collage 2018 v2

I created Libby & Smee, my handmade line of simple fun statement jewelry, a few years ago after spending 20 year as a magazine fashion editor. It all started with a pair of DIY green tassel earrings. I knew I was on to something because people always stopped me when I wore them. On a whim, I walked into a small shop in my town and before I could even ask the shop owner if she was interested in carrying them, she looked up and said, “I love your earrings”!


An Etsy shop and a couple more wholesale accounts soon followed and today Libby & Smee is worn all over the world. I have made and sold thousands of hoop earrings, beaded bracelets, and choker necklaces and I’m proud to say that Libby & Smee is still a one-woman operation.  You can shop the line at and be sure to use code SUEATHOME10 at checkout for a discount.

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The name Libby & Smee comes from my daughters’ initials (LBE and SME) and they are the heart and soul of everything I make. I love having a challenging yet flexible career that keeps me at home so that I can be more involved in their lives. (As much as they’ll let me!)

I’m looking forward to using this space for fashion inspiration, behind-the-scenes info and everything Libby & Smee-ish! What do you want to see posted here? Let me know!


Sue at Home for Libby & Smee

Sue at Home is the lifestyle blog created by Libby & Smee founder, designer, and maker Sue Erneta. To shop Libby & Smee’s simple fun statement jewelry, visit and use coupon code SUEATHOME10 to get 10% off your order.

Photo of me by Shannon Greer for WW Magazine.