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Mini Boden Brand Ambassadors #momsloveboden

24 Oct

Me and the girls have been huge fans of Mini Boden ever since Sophia was a toddler so when the brand asked me if I wanted to dress up my ladies in some Mini Boden goodies and be a Brand Ambassador, I jumped at the chance. The fall/winter collection has great new versions of many of our favorite styles so we had a really hard time editing down our picks!  Here’s a peek at what we decided on and how we styled it with the rest of their wardrobes.

boden 051

For Lily, we knew we needed to start with an applique t-shirt since we’ve always love the ones from Boden. They’re so soft and super-durable so we knew whatever we chose would last forever. And since Lily hasn’t met a rainbow she doesn’t love (remember her rainbow birthday party?), we knew the Dotty Applique T-shirt was the right pick. As you can see, she likes it! She really, really likes it!

Boden 015

We picked a classic coat for Sophia and I’m sure Lily will be wearing this beauty (the Two-in-one Padded Jacket)  in three years. I love that the sleeves and hood come off so you can choose to wear it as a vest or as a coat.

boden 033

boden 037

Lily lived in an adorable Boden dress last winter (the Printed Tea Dress) so when I saw they were offering it in new prints this season, I snatched one up! Bonus: It’s machine washable (which is great because she’s worn it at least once a week). She even chose it as her “school picture” outfit! I can see her wearing this all winter with leggings and cardigans…and all summer long, too!

boden 060 boden 065

My favorite thing from the whole order was this Johnny B dress that I got for Soph. If you’re not well versed in Boden-speak, Johnny B is the “big kids” line that’s in between Mini Boden and Boden. Sizes range from 9-16 and though Sophia can still fit in Mini Boden, she tends to like the more “tween” styles of Johnny B. Case in point: the adorable Mabel dress. It’s basically a t-shirt dress that she can wear over leggings all winter but the way it fits her is what elevates the look.

Boden 021

I love how the sleeves are slim and a little longer than usual. And that pink trimmed exposed zipper is so pretty! (Doesn’t she look so grown up in it?)

boden 022

Lily also scored the aptly named Pretty Printed Top which has got Boden written all over it – figuratively, of course. (These “ditsy” florals are a Boden fave. In fact, Soph LIVED in a cotton Johnny B dress all summer that had a similar print and Lil wore an old Mini Boden hand-me-down in this print tons, too.) I love how this top feels light and girly but the long sleeves make it perfect for fall. (With skinny jeans and boots, of course!)boden 028

Check out the little gold trim around the neckline! boden 040

Thanks again to Johnny Boden and all of ours friends at Mini Boden and Allison Brod for inviting us to be Mini Boden Ambassadors! I must admit, these little ladies wear it well!


Sue at Home

Full disclosure: Mini Boden provided us with a gift card to shop with (which just scratched the surface of our seasonal Boden purchases!).  But you know that all opinions are mine and I would never promote a brand that I didn’t truly believe in, right?

P.S. Tis the season! I made a double batch of Pumpkin Whoopie Pies today and you should too! Click the picture below for details and recipe info. You know you want to.


The House of Versace

22 Sep

Back in high school and college, there was not a designer I worshiped more than Gianni Versace. You need to understand, this was the time of the Elizabeth Hurley safety pin dress and the ads with megawatt supermodels with one name like Helena, Linda and Christy. (Man, do I love this image. )


Versace played an interesting role in my life when I was spending an uphappy semester at UCONN (nothing wrong with the school, just not the right fit for me). That fall, it was a Versace exhibit at FIT that lured me to NYC for a weekend. I saw the exhibit, fell in love with the school (I was already seriously in love with NYC!), and convinced my parents to let me transfer schools (again!) so I could spend my final college years in NYC. Best career move I ever made. Thanks Mom and Dad!

That same year, Versace purchased Casa Casuarina, a spectacular mansion in Miami. Image via Born Rich.

versace mansion overhead

Years later, I was an assistant at ELLE when I heard that he had been murdered on the steps of his mansion. I can still picture where I was when I heard the news.

I was heartbroken and vowed to visit Miami one day to pay my respects. Well, a few years later I took that trip to South Beach and was floored with the location of Casa Casuarina. For anyone who has never been there, his manse was right on South Beach, in the middle of all the tourist traps and right across from the public beach. Needless to say I was still dying to get behind that gate.


Then a few years ago, I had the chance to get inside. I was back in Miami when I found out that the mansion had become a hotel and restaurant so I decided to visit for lunch. And this week when I heard it had been sold again (more on that in a sec), I had to go and dig up my pictures from the visit. Check it out:


Everywhere you looked, there was opulence.


How beautiful is that tile?


I didn’t get to see the whole space–the restaurant was in the courtyard–but I was able to take a look at the pool area. These steps lead from the courtyard to the pool.


Just a little plunge pool. No biggie.


I can’t imagine the time it would take to do this kind of work. (Note: This is so not my style but I find it fascinating. Don’t you?)


In case you forgot who’s house you were in.


Courtyards are such a European concept. I wish we had more of them in the US.


But the most ridiculous, over-the-top, display of ostentatious behavior was the restaurant’s bathroom. (Image via Born Rich.)

marble toilet

Yup, you’re seeing that correctly. It is in fact a carved marble toilet with a gilded lid.  Ah, Gianni Versace. You were one-of-a-kind.

And it seems that Versace has been popping up a bunch in this past week’s news.

VERSACE IN THE NEWS #1) I heard that the mansion was sold to the Jordache Jeans heirs for $41.5 million. That’s a lot of denim.

VERSACE IN THE NEWS #2) On October 5th Lifetime will air an original movie, “The House of Versace” starring Gina Gershon as Donatella and Enrico Colantoni as Gianni. Image via

house of versace movie

Gina’s got the lips down. Image via ABCnews.


I love this guy and think the casting is great. (Enrico, I’ll forgive you for Just Shoot Me, which was the worst portrayal of a fashion magazine ever, because of your fine work on Veronica Mars.) Image via Styleblazer.


VERSACE IN THE NEWS #3) Check out Donatella’s latest collection that was shown last week during Milan fashion week. I’m missing the jewel-encrusted bustiers but I still think it’s pretty great. Runway images via

style 1

style 2

style 3


Sue at Home

Mama Obama Kills It Again

21 Jan

No one. No one makes me want to wear a matching dress and coat ensemble like Michelle Obama. She just makes it look so modern and so gorgeous every time. Bravo to designer Thom Browne! Not bad for someone who just added womenswear to his menswear empire in 2010.

Image via WWD

Image via

Image via Los Angeles Times 

According to reports, her outfit for today’s Inauguration Day ceremony was custom but the fabric looks similar to this navy check from Browne’s pre-fall collection.

If I had to dress this fancy for work, I would kill to have just about anything from Thom Browne’s pre-fall collection:

All Thom Browne pre-fall 2013 images via

If you’re not familiar with Thom Browne, he’s the guy responsible for all the manly ankles you’ve seen around NYC in recent years:

Image via GQ

Isn’t he cute?


Sue at Home

Emerald City or Bust

7 Dec

Pantone has just announced their Color of the Year for 2013 and it’s…drum roll, please…Emerald! I think this color choice is spot on with all the trends we’re seeing in home decor and fashion. Here are a few ways to incorporate this beautiful hue into your home and your wardrobe.

These curtains make such a statement in a grey and white dining  room. Via la belle vie

Malachite…swoon! And with that chair? I’m dead. via Pinterest

An emerald ottoman at the C Wonder store in Soho via my C Wonder store Pinterest board

Chevron curtains and pillow accents via Signet Rings and Preppy Things

How about a plush velvet sofa at the end of your bed? via Full House

All those emerald accents seem a little overstyled for me (Really? Green lamp, green stool, and green jacket hanging on the hook? Really? Really?) but those polka dot walls with the green stairs are perfection. via Desire to Inspire

Wow…would you look at that? It’s that malachite finial that I’ve been dreaming about again! Remember I told you I was dying over it back in that post that was all about malachite? Well, I figured with Christmas coming, it was worth mentioning again. Ya know? Just in case Santa is reading.

Would you rather greenify yourself than your home? How about this divine dress? It’s only $89!

If you’ve got a little more cash, check out this beautiful Oscar de la Renta shift. It’s on sale (but still Oscar-priced)!


This Greylin blouse would be so pretty all year round.

Wool cafe capris on sale for $50.

An emerald toe on a teal pump. Love.

Or, if you’re really hoping for real-deal-Holyfield-emeralds, check out these emerald and diamond waterfall earrings available at Barney’s. Only $61,375. (Wait…what??)

Or how about a little vintage bauble from 1st Dibs?

I’m sure Sam Raimi, the director behind 2013’s Oz: The Great and Powerful would agree with Pantone’s color choice! To see a trailer of the film starring James Franco, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis, click here. Photo via IMDB.


And check out Pantone’s HolidayLook Book on Pinterest for loads of emerald gift ideas. Dreaming of the emerald city….


Sue at Home

R.I.P. Red Glitter Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

16 Aug

Though Sophia and Lily have had many sunglasses, you were always a favorite pair, especially to Lil. You came with us to Aruba…

You shielded her eyes so she could read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…

We took you to the Jersey shore and we’re sure you wondered why it wasn’t like Aruba, but you did your job anyway…

You always looked good and you always made Lily happy…

And now, a misplaced step at the pool ended your long 2 year run (which is a lifetime for kid’s sunglasses). You’ll be hard to replace, red glitter heart-shaped sunglasses. We’ll remember the good times.


Sue at Home

Is Your Wardrobe Ready For Fall?

3 Aug

I know the sun is beating down outside but it’s never too early to think about your fall wardrobe. Sometimes I like to put together a look online and “try it on” (digitally, of course). You know what I mean, right? Something like this little ensemble I pulled together a few years ago for

The funny thing is that was for Fall 2009 and I still wear all those pieces! Maybe that’s proof that buying classic things pays off? Or maybe it’s proof that I need some new clothes!

I picked a bunch of favorites from the fall collections and wrote a new post for Check it out here. It includes lots of beauties like this polka dot cashmere sweater from my beloved J Crew. I’ve never met a p dot I don’t like.

So, make sure you visit to see my picks for Fall fashion. And while you’re there, why not subscribe to Ladies’ Home Journal? It’s only $5.99 for the year and you’ll get to see all the beautiful shoots I work on over there, like these:


Thanks for reading! Happy shopping!


Sue at Home

Polka dot sweater photo from J Crew. All others from

Our Wedding: What We Wore

24 Jul

On Friday, Pablo and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage so in honor of the big day, I’m having Wedding Week here at Sue At Home. Yesterday, I introduced you to Newport and the Beechwood mansion.

Today, the clothes!

As a fashion editor, I had a special kind of pressure when shopping for my wedding dress. I looked EVERYWHERE and tried on every dress in existence. Finally, I fell in love with a halter gown from Carolina Herrera with a pleated organza underskirt that peaked out underneath and swung in a huge train in the back. I loved it then and I love it now. Considering it was 10 years ago, I think I should be sort of mortified by what I picked but alas, I’m not. Check out this amazing ad with my dress from way back then. (I showed it to Sophia and Lily today and Lily said, “Why is she playing chess and not at a wedding or something?” Good question, kid.)

The closest pose I have is the one below where I sat down in someone else’s seat while my dad made a speech. I love this picture. (The dress didn’t bustle so I just dragged it around all night. It was filthy by the end of the night but I didn’t care!)

I was an editor at ELLE at the time of the wedding so I was able to order my dress directly through the Carolina Herrera showroom and have all my fittings done there by the head of her atelier. If I were you, I might want to punch me after reading that but I promise that I know I was incredibly lucky to have that treatment and I pinch myself just thinking about it. Even as my wedding diet kicked in, they did an amazing  job altering everything so that it fit like a glove. It fit so perfectly that I didn’t even have to wear a bra which is a testament to both their talent and my pre-kid boobs. (That’s right. I just linked something to that phrase. You’ll have to click it and see what it goes to!)

I wore a blusher and a full length veil for the ceremony and then removed the long one and left the shortie on for the reception. Yes, I am one of the those people who wore her veil for the whole night. I’m kind of old fashioned like that.


As for shoes, I spent a ton on a pair that no one saw. Advice for brides-to-be: Get something under $250, like these, and spend some money on a nice pair of sandals for your honeymoon instead.  FYI: They were Manolo Blahnik and they were similar to these but in champagne satin. I wish I could show you a picture but there isn’t one!

My bridesmaid’s wore cream lace strapless cocktail dresses that were custom made from Blue on St. Marks Place in NYC. I don’t think the place still exists but if it does, DO NOT go there. The woman is crazy and a few of the dresses barely made it to the girls on time. And they were made like crap. You can see on the wedding video how my ladies are repeatedly pulling their dresses up while dancing. My maid-of honor wore a sleeveless v-neck version. That smart girl avoided the potential nip slips the other bridesmaids were dealing with all night. All that dress trouble for this photo opp. Thanks ladies!

For my main man’s attire, I sat Pablo down for the Oscar pre-show and made him watch the red carpet to pick out his look. He loved Benjamin Bratt’s classic black tux with a black vest and a long white tie. And I agreed! By using some store credits and an editor discount, I was able to score him a Burberry tux for a few hundred dollars! (That’s me – always bargain hunting!) The tie was from Saks. I’m pretty sure it was Brioni. Doesn’t he look handsome – and so young! – in these pictures?

There we are giggling and happy. It really was a very magical day! Stay tuned for more wedding pics all week long as we lead up to our 10 year anniversary on Friday.


Sue at Home

All photos by Mark Nelson except for the Carolina Herrera ad which was a picture I took of the ad from an old magazine. (How the hell else am I supposed to credit that?)


A Few Fashion Bon Mots from Lily

10 Jul

Me: “Lily, how was school?”

Lily: “Great. Everyone said my dress was ADORBS.”

One evening, Lily started complimenting my work outfit but her kind words quickly turned to a dis as she explained that the outfit would be “much better” if it was all pink. Another time, when I was wearing a casual dress and flat sandals, she said “Oooo…Mommy! I like your dress! But you should wear high heels with that.”

So, I guess the tip is: Everything is better in pink and with high heels.

The other day I couldn’t find my sunglasses so I grabbed a pair of Pablo’s John Varvatos shades that were hanging around. I thought they looked a little masculine on me but they were fine. Lily took one look at me, made a face, and said “Mommy. You look like a DUDE.”


Sue at Home

Bridal style

6 Jul

Just had to share this.

What does a Man Repeller wear when she gets married? We’re talking about someone so committed to fashion that she named her blog Man Repeller, because she dresses for herself and never ever to please a man. (Gotta give it to a girl like that.) Well, when she finds a man who is not repelled by her desire to be herself, this is what she wears to get married and I think it’s pretty damn great.

More details and credits here.


Sue at Home

P.S. According to WordPress Stats, someone in Ghana read my blog today.

And P.P.S. There are 10 people sleeping in my small house tonight and 7 of them are Ernetas. God bless us all.

New post at

5 Jul

Hi all! I know I’ve been a little MIA this week but I’ve got A LOT of Erneta’s staying at my little house so it’s been a wee bit crazy, to say the least! I’m back in the office at my day job today and I just posted some behind the scenes shots from our shoot in Palm Springs on Check it out here.

You’ll get to see the secrets that make a shoot come together, like the old “add suds to the car so the model doesn’t get wet” trick shown here:

If you’d like to see the full story, you might be able to find the July issue on newsstands still but if not, click this link.

Hope you had a great 4th! See you next week!


Sue at Home

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