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Pin of the Week: Black and White

24 Jan

Though you know I love me a room as bright as a box of Crayola 64, I can also appreciate a space with a palette of crisp black and white. And two of my recent pins (that got a lot of repin love) featured black and white predominantly, so I have a feeling you like it too.  Check out the two pins:

A beautiful room from Rachel Reider Interior Designs that I pinned from Belle Maison.

And this minty fresh hall that I saw on Tobi Fairley’s site.

I took a peek through my other Pinterest boards for some more black and white inspiration. Check them out.

This bedroom that I saw on Desire to Inspire is so simple and yet so stunning.

A black bathroom can look great against a white vanity — especially when it’s a marble slab waterfall one like this. From Atmosphere Interior Design.

I’m dying to stripe a ceiling in my house. Maybe this graphic black and white could work. From Glitter Guide but you can find the original here.

Another stunning Rachel Reider space that I saw on House of Turquoise. This is how I like my black and white — with pops of color! And that chandi could make me love any room!

Sometimes a great rug is all you need and Jen Ramos of MadeByGirl has a great rug!

I love a nice head-of-the-table striped chair. From Elle Decor.

This fun chevron wall is in the Deux Lux showroom. (Sorry for the bad iphone pic!) For more great pics like this one that I take on my travels, check out my Cool Decor in Fashion Showrooms board on Pinterest.

The beloved Hicks pendant (I have one too!) looks right at home with those spotted walls. From La Dolce Vita.

Kelly Wearstler from ELLE Decor! I’m dying.

When I dream, a huge white kitchen with a glossy black countertop is what I see. This one is “Callie’s Home” from Little Green Notebook.

And if you’d just like a little black and white graphic pop, try this from Jonathan Adler. He just kills me. (This pin is from Pinterest but I’m not finding it on his site. Is it possible that he’s not offering it anymore? Because I need somewhere to put my Disco Biscuits.)

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Sue at Home

Pin of the Week: Displaying Personal Pictures

15 Oct

I’ve always thought that the idea of limiting personal pictures in your home is so weird. (I don’t understand why this is an issue but check out this Apartment Therapy post about the differing opinions.) I mean, it’s my damn house and if I want to wallpaper it with pictures of my kids so it doesn’t look like a damn model home (gag!) then so be it! (Wow, I just got really fiesty there. Sorry.)  For me, displaying personal photos in my home supports just about every point of my Design Manifesto.

Anyway, I LOOOOOOVE this pic that I spotted this week on Dilly Dallas. Dallas Shaw posted it from her trip to Palihouse in West Hollywood. I just love the idea of filling a massive frame with a ton of pictures. I’m not talking about your standard run-of-the-mill collage frame that’ll hold maybe 9 pics, I’m talking about hundreds. And that’s a lot of pictures here, people. Let’s take a peek:

I found this other pic on the Palihouse site. I think we can confirm from this that it holds at least 308 pictures. (That’d be 14 columns times 22 rows – I’d like to thank a high school math teacher for my vast math knowledge but it was really just Google Calculator.)


The point is, no matter how you add personal pics to your home, it’ll be a quick easy way to make it yours. Let’s take a peek at some other great personal photo display ideas.

I think this inspiration board is great and this could be a perfect way to have an ever evolving wall of pictures. P.S. Bonus points for the SICK suzani chairs.

Or you can just go large scale, like this from Nectar and Light:

More large scale prints from Sabbe Spot:

Better wallpaper Co makes oversized prints.

Even bigger: Photo wallpaper via Apartment Therapy

More wallpaper here via Apartment Therapy.

A wall-filling collage via Melange photography


I just die over these massive headshots from Hillary Thomas Designs. (You’ve heard her name here before. That’s the same Hillary Thomas of the genius malachite finials and malachite bowl in the last Pin of the Week post.)

You will not believe how easily – and cheaply – Mandy at Sugar Bee Crafts DIY’d this huge picture of her girls. Click here for Mandy’s tutorial:

How about this dark teal wall (much like my living room) with big prints just pinned up with nails. I love the low-commitment of that! via Remodelista


This is such a cute room (mint stripes!) and I love the simplicity of the repetitive black and whites in matching frames. It’s kinda perfect. Via Daily Dream Decor.

A DIY collage can be achieved by attaching a bunch of frames to a base. Oh…and let’s take a moment to marvel at the CUTE model. It’s my Sophia modeling (that’s right! modeling!) in the pages of Ladies’ Home Journal!

soph modeling in LHJ

I love these pics stuck up on a wall above a mantel. via Apartment Therapy from Domino

Some more oversized pics, this time in a grid. Via Tara Whitney.

Let’s take another look at the Palihouse frame. I love it and I really want to do it. BUT it’s so big and probably expensive (for the frame) and hard to change the photos and they’re all horizontal. I’m dying to do this but I need to modify it somehow. But how?

This seems a little less daunting. Via More Design Please.

And of course, there’s always the gallery wall option. I particularly like this idea of black and white pics in all red frames. Those little gallery lights make it perfect. Via ELLE Decor.

elle decor red frames

If you’re really into Instagram, you can use Printstagram to get between 50 and 400 of your images printed a poster for $25 or $35 (depending on the size):

Personally, I like to use simple candid pictures. One of my favorite pictures in my house is this one on our gallery wall. I call it Thelma and Louise. It’s a canvas print but I don’t really recommend them. I think they’re very pale compared to the original.


Here’s another quick snap – taken on my phone while sitting in Dunkin Donuts – that I love and need to frame.

I don’t know about you but I’m totally inspired right now. I might go build a frame that’s taller than me or maybe I’ll buy 200 of those cheap Ikea frames and make a wall collage. Either way, I’m motivated and you know what that means…you’ll be seeing the results soon!

Tell me…how do you display personal pictures in your home? A gallery wall? A grid? Oversized prints? Just a few prints in the hall or staircase? Or are they covering your house? Tell me in the comments…


Sue at Home

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Pin of the Week: Malachite

5 Oct

It’s been awhile since I did a Pin of the Week but then again, it’s been awhile since I saw something that seriously took my breathe away like this one. When I spied this image of a Sally Wheat design on Marcus Design, I audibly gasped. I don’t know what it is about malachite. I don’t even love that green color but something about the swirly pattern in the stone…I just can’t get enough of it.

There have been a few other malachite images on the interwebs for awhile now. Let’s take a peek.

I’ve always loved Amanda Nisbet’s designs but those chairs on the cover of her new book have me swooning!

This little malachite bowl from Hillary Thomas is the kind of thing that makes my heart go pitter patter. Can someone please tell Santa?

And while I’m sweating over Hillary Thomas’ bowl, why not check this finial from her, too. Dying! Would it be wrong to stick an $85 malachite finial on a lamp from Target?

If a big slab of the real deal is what you need, you can find it here.

This has been one of my favorite pics forever (perhaps you could tell because I’ve pinned it to my foyer inspiration board no less than 3 times). One pin said it was from ELLE Decor but I’m having a hard time confirming that. Please let me know the original source if you know it. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here dreaming of big ass brass lamps on a malachite console table. Delish!

Check out this beautiful little table from Global Views.

Window treatments never made such an impact. via Elle Decor via Coco and Kelly

At $179, this is kinda pricey for how teeny tiny it is but still, it would look great in any room. From The Evolution Store.

Is it any surprise that 1st Dibs has only sold the spectacular top of this table and not the farty boring base?

I might buy this before you do. I mean, lucite AND malachite??

Update: Check out this never-before-seen vintage faux malachite ice bucket. Isn’t it spectacular? It’s from Ivy and Vine and it’ll be available at a special Ivy & Vine sale on One Kings Lane on November 11th. If you can’t wait til then, email Heather at to get first dibs. (Thanks Heather for the Sue at Home exclusive!)

And thanks to Marcus Design, we now have a resource for malachite printed fabric. (Thanks Nancy! Marcus Design is totally becoming a favey blog of mine!)

So, the question now is…what am I going to do with this knowledge? What can I use it for? Pillows for the living room couch? Seat cushions for the dining room?  Or maybe something for the mid-century man cave? I don’t what I’ll do with this fabric yet but one thing’s for sure, I’ll show you the results!


Sue at Home

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Pin of the Week: Pink Chairs

13 Aug

It’s no surprise that this week’s Pin of The Week was repinned. I mean, it’s a hot pink chair! Who doesn’t love a pink chair? OK – maybe the men in our lives don’t but I’m here to fight that notion. Look at this pic. Sure, the chair is pink but the rest of the room isn’t. Those grey walls and black desk are totally gender neutral. Quite simply, pink makes people happy. So, here’s my challenge to you: Show me the man who has lost his masculinity by having a pink chair in his house. What? You can’t find one? Yeah – I didn’t think so.

I saw my gorgy Pin of the Week on Mimi + Meg but it’s originally from a High/Low feature in Style At Home. Can you guess if this is the high or the low?

Let’s take a look at some more pink chairs and sofas (and even a bench and table combo). Do you love them? Are you brave enough to put one in your home?

I saw this baby on Small Shop in a guest post from Amelia of Colour Bloc. While zipping through the hundreds of blogs on my Google Reader, this image stopped me in my tracks. A pink chair does it every time! Love the nailhead wall and the almost highlighter tone of the chair.

I love this color against a dark wall. Is it dark chocolate? So sleek and not stuffy at all. via Apartment Therapy

This modern chair is a welcome surprise in that traditional space. And that disco ball on the shelf makes me cry happy tears. via The Househome

Welcome home! via Lonny

I’ve always loved this picture. It’s so luxe but looks like such a well-lived room. Maybe cause there’s a kid standing on the pink sofa! I love that little section of pictures on the wall. It keeps the room from feeling too fancy or precious. via ELLE Decor

This is an oldie from my Pinterest board and the link isn’t working anymore (anyone know the source?) but I had to include it. Those chairs really warm up a somewhat cold space. Sidenote: check out that 2-way couch. Great for entertaining but not much else.

This one was from Luxe and Lillies though I don’t know the original source. It’s so cozy and pretty. This is pretty much my dream room. (I just discovered that there are no less than 4 pins of this room from various angles on my Me Likey…home stuff Pinterest board. Oops. Guess that shows the love!)

Rita Konig via The Estate of Things‘s one simple magenta chair surrounded by a fabulous gallery wall and a gorgeous bar table is well…nothing short of spectacular.

The Hotel Belle Juliette in Paris (can you think of a more girly name than that?) features a room in the same palette as Sophia’s, lavender walls with hot pink. (You can see Soph’s room up in my blog header.)

I love a fancy pants hot pink sofa or chair paired with ultra modern stuff. via Small Shop

What a happy dining room! via Adore magazine

A lipstick chair is perfect for a feminine dressing room/closet. A girl needs to sit down to put her fancy shoes on, right? Via Tinsley Hutson-Wiley Interior Design

One of my favorites ever though it’s really too antiquey for me. And I think Pablo would draw the line at the green wall and feminine mirror! From my Me Likey..Home Stuff Pinterest board but the link isn’t working. I know I have the tearsheet of this somewhere too. (Anyone remember the source?)

 Even something more utilitarian can be pretty in pink! via This Pretty Space

This color saturated chair is SICK in an otherwise neutral space. From designer Tamara Kaye-Honey via Bitohoney blog via Design Manifest

So, here’s the thing: I want more pink in my house. I’ve got a hot pink cashmere throw on the sofa and of course, there’s this in the bedroom and this in the dining room but that’s not enough. At least not for me! I have this chair with a white slipcover in the living room. (See it below in this picture from Christmas-time. Guess I need to take some more recent pics of my living room!)

I got it at PB Teen a few years ago and sadly they don’t make it anymore. When I bought it, the slipcovers were on sale so I got three of them: white, pale pink and pale blue. I figured I could use the chair in one of the kids rooms in the future but the colors of the slipcovers are all wrong. So, I’m thinking: could I get brave and dye the light pink slipcover darker pink? I mean, it’s sitting in a bin in my make-shift linen closet so why not? And if it comes out horribly, I still have the white one that I love.

The scary part is not the presence of a hot pink chair in the living room. It’s the dying part that terrifies me. I’ve always been scared of the idea of dumping some dye in my nice washing machine. I mean, that’s the thing that takes dirt out of clothes – not puts color in! Won’t it dye my washer? Anyway – I’ve decided to be brave and go for it! And you know I’ll bring you along for the ride…

Update: I did it! I dyed the slipcover! And it’s EPIC! Check it out here

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Sue at Home

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Pin of the Week: Dressing up Your Stairs

19 Jul

Sometimes you surprise me with the the pins you really like. This time, not so much. I had a feeling when I found this cool picture of some stenciled stairs from the Lowe’s Creative Ideas website (which, BTW, is a great place to find project ideas). So Lowe’s…You win this week’s Pin of the Week.

It got me thinking about my little set of stairs (only 6 steps since we live in a tri-level split). They were covered in brown carpeting when we moved in and we had them refinished when we did the floors. The risers remained full of staple holes and unpainted for longer than I care to admit but now that they’re all crisp and white with the dark stained wood steps, I’m sort of happy with keeping them like they are. But sometimes, I have a desire to do something a little crazy. I remember seeing these painted steps in Domino a million years ago.  Even Pablo remembered them and brought it up recently. (You know it’s good when he remembers it.) But, there’s just something about painting my hardwood steps that terrifies me!

I remember seeing these disco-ball tiled stairs on Small Shop last summer and I nearly lost my mind. I was fully determined to do this to my risers. Seeing my mom gasp in horror at the thought just about solidified my desire but ultimately, I decided this was a DIY beyond my skills. It could only look good if it was done really, really well. (Don’t think you won, Mom. My stairs might be disco-balled yet!)

Emily Henderson, who you know I am kind of in awe of (I mean, did you see her guest room?), recently posted pics of these steps at a client’s house. She did a navy bannister. Yes, a navy bannister. Isn’t it fantastic?

I nearly died when I saw these patterned stairs from Serena and Lily. Alas, they don’t sell them so I’ll have to be happy with just my S&L bar cart. And I can get busy trying to figure out how they did this: wallpaper? Removable wallpaper stickers? Handpainted? 

I found these striped stairs on a blog but there’s no original source listed. Let me know if you’ve seen this before because whoever did this deserves credit!

More striped steps – this time from a Kate Spade pop-up shop in London.

A carpet runner is surely traditional but this one feels fresh. Maybe it’s the fabulous pattern, or the black painted stairs underneath or that floor-to-ceiling gallery. Eric Cohler Design via Decorpad

I love that this looks like some total fancypants house but it still includes fun elements like this slide alongside a set of stairs. From Forbes.

I could deal with wall-to-wall if it looked like this.
Via Apartment Therapy

Chevron stairs vis Liz Caan interiors. A little bit of a duh but still perfect. Especially with that chair just sitting there. Dying.

I wish I was brave enough to tackle a stencil because I love these from Royal Design Studio via The Style Files

LOVE these multi-colored spindles. Unfortunately, I have one spindle. Via Apartment Therapy.

Wowza. This one is like they’re in my head. I mean, that aqua blue wall with a hot pink bannister? I would never leave home. Via Apartment Therapy

Of course, The Rug Company makes a peacock stair runner.

Lighted stairs are slightly spooky via Remodelista.

These rainbow stairs are low-commitment since the steps are left plain and it’s only the riser you’re messing with. Via Pinterest (let me know if you know the original source).  Maybe I could do this and use the colors of all the rooms in the house? Would that look crazy? I think yes.

Check out these spectacular rainbow spiral stairs from Dwell.

So, are you inspired? Looking for DIY help? To paint your own chevron stairs, check out this video tutorial via The Home Depot.

So, tell me…what do your stairs look like? Plain Jane like mine? For now, I’m sticking with the basic look but if anyone knows where I can get mirrored disco ball tiles, let me know!


Sue at Home

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Pin of the week: Blue, Blue and more Blue

26 Jun

My mom’s favorite color has always been blue. So, of course I could never stand it. (That’s just how it works with teenage girls. You know what I mean, right? The way every teenage girl treats her mom. Not nice. Yes, I know I will be punished in spades by my darling daughters when they are teenagers. I deserve it for the way I treated my mom.  Sorry, Mom! Anyway, I digress…)

It wasn’t until I was a full blown adult that I was able to admit to my obsession with blue, too. My mom likes more of the Powder and Periwinkle types and I’m more of an Aqua, Turquoise, and Teal kinda girl. (Though we could both wax poetic about our beloved Navy for hours.) My wedding invitations had the text written in teal (I can assure you, this was extremely cutting edge for 2002) and the favors were wrapped in aqua ribbons. Nowadays, my bedroom walls wear Benjamin Moore Blue Diamond and my living room is Benjamin Moore Teal. And I’ve finally gotten a gorgeous Kitchenaid mixer which I will fully admit I love as much for it’s aesthetic appeal as for it’s function. The color? Aqua Sky, of course.

Naturally, one of my favorite blogs is House of Turquoise. It’s written by a cute girl named Erin out in Minneapolis and it is just what the name suggests: Pictures of houses with blue in them.

I must admit, when I first starting following House of Turquoise, I thought, “There is no way this girl can sustain this. It’s so niche! How many blue accented houses can there be?” But clearly my mom and I are not the only people smitten with the beautiful shades of the sky and sea. Somehow Erin finds fresh content again and again.  Usually they’re more of my mom’s traditional style but sometimes they’re more eclectic, like me. But they are always beautiful. So, it’s no surprise that this image was repinned this week because I absolutely gasped when I saw it.

I mean, have you ever?

 If you’re not following House of Turquoise yet, please rectify the situation by clicking here. Let’s celebrate our love of blue (you love it, too, right?) by looking at some of my favorite pics from Erin’s site.

I wouldn’t mind washing dishes if I could do it standing at that farmhouse sink looking at those blue and white curtains. Tiffany Eastman Interiors via House of Turquoise

Yes. Yes that is a blue-lined claw foot tub. Are you dying? Cause I’m dying. From Country Home via House of Turquoise

Lots of white, a little blue, and hot pink stools. (!!) Erica Burns Interiors via House of Turquoise

Sometimes it’s just about the accents, like this gorgy lamp and pretty curtains. Sunny Goode via House of Turquoise

The softest blue walls are almost unnoticeable with all that amazing lighting and spectacular hardware. Structures Building Company via House of Turquoise

Blue velvet x-benches? Swoon. Tricia Roberts + Noelle Micek via House of Turquoise

A pattern overload looks great with white and black. Vanessa de Vargas via House of Turquoise

The most gorgeous bookshelves ever in pool blue. Good Interiors via House of Turquoise

If I could wake up to that turq settee everyday, I would be so happy. Kathryn Forest Design via House of Turquoise

I can’t think of any better way to welcome people to your home than with a big teal door. Andrea Brooks Interiors using Sherwin Williams Peacock Blue via House of Turquoise

If you’ve got a hankering (yes, I just used that word) for some more blue in your life, check out Erin’s other site Everything Turquoise for lots of current products to buy now.  (Oh and BTW – I kinda have a girl crush on her after seeing her wedding pics. Her dress had a blue lining, the men wore aqua socks and she carried pink peonies wrapped in turquoise ribbon. Love!)

Hope you liked the blue tour. I know I did. And I’m sure my mom will, too.


Sue at Home

Pin of the Week: Wallpaper in tiny bathrooms

9 Jun

I have a girl crush on Emily Henderson. She’s an interior designer, photo shoot stylist (meaning she does for interior shoots what I do for fashion shoots at “the dayjob“), Design Star season 5 winner, host/designer/stylist of Secrets from a Stylist on HGTV, and blogger. This week she completed a project she’s been calling “The Lake House” and she gave us a few peeks, including this one of an adorable half bath with wallpaper and an industrial yellow pendant. (Yes – that is a NAVY BLUE banister. Yes – I am dying.)

This got me thinking about wallpaper. You see, I had a lot of it in my house when we moved in. The living room, both kids rooms, the kitchen and both bathrooms. All beige-y. All textured. All ugly.

The only bit that remains after 18 months of renovations is the wallpaper in our tiny half master bath which is combined with some blue tile on the walls making the wallpaper the lesser of the bathroom evils. (BTW – Yes, I know a half master bath is a weird thing but it’s better than no master bath at all. These are the joys of a small house.) In case you’re insane and you’re thinking that beige wallpaper and blue tile might look nice, I’ll offer this visual proof of the hideousness.

Told ya.

 I owe a debt of gratitude to my dad and brother for coming down from Massachusetts for 3 days during my brother’s Christmas vacation to remove wallpaper in the girls’ rooms right after we moved in. (We’ve had friends help us paint but ONLY FAMILY would offer to remove wallpaper.) A few months later, Pablo and I spent a week long vacation working on things in the house and my main job during that time was removing the wallpaper in the living room and then prepping the walls and painting. The point is: Wallpaper and I are not friends.

So, even though I know that wallpaper is back in a big way, I can’t help but want to kick it to the curb and tell it to go F off. (Sorry, but that’s what too-much-time-spent-scraping-walls will do to you.) And then I see pictures like the one in Emily’s Lake House (above) and all the ones below that I’ve been pining to my Bathroom Inspiration Board on Pinterest and I start thinking about going for it in our tiny little bathroom. (Using “tiny” and “little” to describe it might seem like overkill but it’s 3′ x 6′ so I think adding “miniscule” to the description would be fine, too.)

But here’s the thing – if I’m going to do it, I want to really go for it! No white tile 3/4 of the way up the wall with wallpaper on top. And don’t even talk to me about wainscoting. If I’m going to do it, I’ll do the full monty, floor to ceiling, all four walls, satured in print.  What do you think? To help you visualize, here’s some wallpapered bathroom inspiration.

To me, this is like the gold standard of bathroom gorgeousness. From ELLE DECOR:

This would be my bathroom if I had a beach house. From House Beautiful: 

A little too stark for me but I love the birch. From via Mojan Sami:

Super chinoiserie. I’m kinda over vessel sinks but I’m digging this because of the boxy sort-of-industrial vanity. Bonus points for the SICK sconces. From Natalie Clayman interior design:

Hollywood glamour never goes out of style. Especially when you have a brass and malachite vanity. WHAT!?  From Apartment Therapy:

Not sure about that moss trough thing but the rest is perfection. And the white background on the wallpaper keeps it bright. From Architectual Digest:

A gold bamboo mirror over that gold flecked paper? Yes, please! From Lonny:

I would never think that paisley wallpaper could make such a clean and modern space but the gray/white palette makes it so simple. From Lonny: 

Paper on the ceiling? Note to self: This looks awesome. From Lonny:

Graphic. Clean. Another note to self: Remember to install BIG white baseboard. From Niche Interiors via Houzz:

So, what do you think? Should I go for it? And what kind of wallpaper do I get? I’m not one to be shy about a decision like this. Maybe something like this from 2 Modern?

Tell me what you think! Am I insane? Or is a small tiny miniscule half master bath just the kind of private place to put something so wild and personal?

Back to my girl crush: you won’t regret it if you follow Emily’s blog. She’s so hysterical and she’s been writing honest (not mean, just honest) recap posts about this season’s Design Star. (For more scathing recaps, read My Favorite and My Best. Also ridiculously funny but quite naughty). I also read Emily’s design assistant Orlando’s blog HommeMaker. Isn’t that such a good name for a dude design blog?  Follow him too – he’s so funny, he makes me pee my pants. I totally want to be his best friend.

And keep following my Pinterest boards. Maybe something you “like” or “repin” will be next week’s Pin of the Week.


Sue at Home

Pin of the Week: Chevron

1 Jun

It’s that exciting time again where we look at this week’s most popular (liked and repinned) pin on my Pinterest boards. I pin a lot each week and I’m always intrigued to see what you like the best. In the runner-up category, we have an “after” of my dining room (which makes me so unbelievably happy! You like me, you really like me!) and this shot of a smart knife display that would do away with that big chunk of wood that’s just not working on my countertop. (Am I the only one that finds that thing an eyesore? Apparently not since you repinned that pic like crazy. Or maybe it was the colorful knives?)

As pinned as the knives were, the big winner was really no big surprise. (And I can say that it kicked the dining room and kitchen knives arses!) When I spied this image on, I was smitten with the graphic chevron pattern used as a backing for these built-in shelves. Truth be told, I’m a little torn on chevron. I’m totally drawn to anything graphic and I do kinda love it BUT when there is such overkill for a pattern/color/item like there is for chevron, I start to be a little less interested. But judging by the mega-popularity of this pin, chevron is going NOWHERE fast!

So, let’s take a look at more images of this beloved pattern. First up, here’s another shot of the bookshelves. I think the elegance of the furniture really makes it work. The chevron is the playful part of the room with all that fancy tufting and purty brass. (Seriously, I am DYING over those lights over the shelves and those teeny sconces. Swoon.)

A yellow zigzag patterned chair is fabulous with pretty in pink walls. File this under “Rooms I’d have to be single to live in”. Yes – I know I said Pablo is cool with a little pink but this is a lot of pink. (image via House Beautiful)

There are no words for this multi-colored wall in a nursery. (image via Lowe’s)

Cool painted panels are a little more versatile than putting the pattern right on the wall. (image via Apartment Therapy.)

This is slightly cray cray but kinda fab. (from Blount Design.) What do you think? Is it insane or do you kinda love it?

Naturally this spectacular room was designed by Jonathan Adler. I’ll take the chevron rug, the lamps, the table, the art, and a couple of those fiddle leaf ficus trees too. Oh heck, how about I just take Jonathan Adler himself?

The bath mat in our main bathroom (below) is from West Elm. Similar here.

Another wonder from House Beautiful (July 2011 issue). That green painted dresser seriously made me gasp the first time I saw it.

If you’re afraid to make a commitment like me, check out Urban Outfitters for low-priced pieces like this duvet. There are also curtains, shower curtains, pillows and rugs that won’t break the bank.

This Jill Rosenwald lamp would add such a punch to my foyer. But the price would sort of feel like a punch in the gut. No thanks.

But I’d love these dessert plates from Aedriel Originals. Now that price is something I can handle.

Hope you enjoyed all the zigzag fun! Do you have any chevron in your house? Please share! And don’t forget to follow my pin boards at Maybe your favorite pin will be the Pin of the Week next time.


Sue at Home

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