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I Have a Hot Pink Chair!

I have been wanting a hot pink couch or chair for like ever. Remember when I showed you all those dreamy pink pics and told you I was thinking about dying an old slipcover I wasn’t using? Well, I did it!

Here’s the best part: this renovation cost less than $10. That’s right! Ten buckaroos! How, you ask? Well, I already had the chair and a pale pink slipcover. The chair is from PB Teen but unfortunately for you, they don’t make it anymore which I think is a crime to humanity because it’s comfortable, cute and cheap and for quite a while, they were offering slipcovers in different fabrics and patterns. When I got the chair, I picked up three velvet covers: white, bubblegum pink, and pale blue. (What? I figured the chair could be used in other rooms so I wanted to have options! That’s normal to buy three, right? ) Of course, I’ve only ever used the white one.

I decided to use RIT dye in fuschia. The directions called for 1 package of dye for every pound of fabric so I went for three since my slipcover was nearly 3 pounds. I couldn’t find a bucket big enough so grabbed this color-coordinated (!!) storage bin at Home Depot and got to work. First step, fill the bucket with 9 gallons of hot water:

Then I mixed 3 packages of dry dye with 6 cups of hot water and stirred it very well until all the dye dissolved. (Note: it did not stain my measuring cup. Bonus!)

Then I added the mix to the dye bath and stirred. (Please note that I did all this on my deck and I was wearing rubber gloves. They are not kidding about the staining possibilities so take all the warnings seriously! If you don’t believe me, come and ask the few pink dots on my kitchen countertop.)

Before adding the slipcover, I pre-wet the fabric in hot water so the color would penetrate the fabric evenly. (Having the lid to the storage bin was helpful for this step because it gave me something to carry the wet fabric on.)

And then in it went! Next up, I stirred and stirred and stirred for about 25 minutes. If you’ve never pushed a sopping wet pile of velvet around with a paint stick before, I can tell you that you will use muscles you didn’t even know you had. Ouch!

Next up, I rinsed it in the utility sink (which is now pink) in my laundry room. First in warm water, then cooler until it ran clear. This was another special type of muscle torture that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy! Then the scariest part of all – into my beautiful new-ish washer it went! (Don’t worry. The washer came out unscathed.)

I gave it an air-only dry in the dryer and ta-dah! Here is the finished product!

My wise husband (who so kindly signed off on this project before I did it and then called it “awesome” because he knew how excited I was about it) was the one to point out the patterned pillow was a little too much. So, I stole the Je T’aime pillow (similar here) that used to live on our bed. Much better, don’t you think?

I love how the pink looks against the dark teal walls.

The color came out so even. I’m actually mad at myself for being so scared to do this for so long!

I love the way it pops in the room.

Maybe now guests will sit in the chair. They were always kind of scared of it when it was white.

Oh happy day! I have a hot pink chair!


Sue at Home

Disclaimer: Please do not dye anything hot pink in your home without running it by your significant other. I’ve learned that though there are many people who like the looks of hot pink furniture, there are not a lot of people brave enough to go for it. And there are many, many more people who are terrified of it. Thankfully, my husband is comfortable enough in his sexuality to not be so concerned about a little pink in his house. (Though maybe he should because I could possibly love this chair more than I love him. Kidding, honey!)

34 thoughts on “I Have a Hot Pink Chair!”

  1. I love the chair! What a great project. And it looks great. I have some PBTeen large chair bean bag things that could use a color change. This is now officially on my to-to list.


  2. Glad you were okay with me featuring your living room :) Great color combo. And, I’m also curious about how you put a trim around your windows. Did you just tape off and paint a white line? Very cool idea. Have a great weekend, Emily

    1. OK with it? Um…it was awesome!!! I had my best day ever! Over a thousand page views (that’s a lot for me). And your readers were very kind – not just clicking on the pink chair post but really taking a look around and spending time with my blog. I can’t thank you enough!
      I have written about my living room a lot but I still need to do a room tour with every last detail. I’ll be sure to include the trim when I do.
      Until then, here’s the answer: It’s actually just a little piece of rounded molding. It was there when we moved in – back when the room was cream on cream! So, I took it off when we painted the walls teal and then put it back up with a fresh coat of trim paint. (I know you said navy in your post – it totally reads like that in pictures. But it’s actually Benjamin Moore Teal. Lame name – great color!)
      Thanks again for taking interest in my blog. I love yours and you’ve been an inspiration to me for a long time. I’m really honored that you featured me! THANKS!!

  3. I love it! Navy & Pink is one of my favorite combinations and that particular color is perfection! I love this post because I’ve been wanting to dye my Ikea covers for sometime and you have inspired me to do so!!

  4. Love, love, love this, but actually prefer the 1st pillow. It helps pull the colours from the painting around the room. Just beautiful.

  5. Looks so great! Can’t wait to change the color of my white slipcovers!
    What cycle and water temperature did you use for washing machine?
    Thanks for sharing! Very informative.

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