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Pin of the Week: Displaying Personal Pictures

I’ve always thought that the idea of limiting personal pictures in your home is so weird. (I don’t understand why this is an issue but check out this Apartment Therapy post about the differing opinions.) I mean, it’s my damn house and if I want to wallpaper it with pictures of my kids so it doesn’t look like a damn model home (gag!) then so be it! (Wow, I just got really fiesty there. Sorry.)  For me, displaying personal photos in my home supports just about every point of my Design Manifesto.

Anyway, I LOOOOOOVE this pic that I spotted this week on Dilly Dallas. Dallas Shaw posted it from her trip to Palihouse in West Hollywood. I just love the idea of filling a massive frame with a ton of pictures. I’m not talking about your standard run-of-the-mill collage frame that’ll hold maybe 9 pics, I’m talking about hundreds. And that’s a lot of pictures here, people. Let’s take a peek:

I found this other pic on the Palihouse site. I think we can confirm from this that it holds at least 308 pictures. (That’d be 14 columns times 22 rows – I’d like to thank a high school math teacher for my vast math knowledge but it was really just Google Calculator.)


The point is, no matter how you add personal pics to your home, it’ll be a quick easy way to make it yours. Let’s take a peek at some other great personal photo display ideas.

I think this inspiration board is great and this could be a perfect way to have an ever evolving wall of pictures. P.S. Bonus points for the SICK suzani chairs.

Or you can just go large scale, like this from Nectar and Light:

More large scale prints from Sabbe Spot:

Better wallpaper Co makes oversized prints.

Even bigger: Photo wallpaper via Apartment Therapy

More wallpaper here via Apartment Therapy.

A wall-filling collage via Melange photography


I just die over these massive headshots from Hillary Thomas Designs. (You’ve heard her name here before. That’s the same Hillary Thomas of the genius malachite finials and malachite bowl in the last Pin of the Week post.)

You will not believe how easily – and cheaply – Mandy at Sugar Bee Crafts DIY’d this huge picture of her girls. Click here for Mandy’s tutorial:

How about this dark teal wall (much like my living room) with big prints just pinned up with nails. I love the low-commitment of that! via Remodelista


This is such a cute room (mint stripes!) and I love the simplicity of the repetitive black and whites in matching frames. It’s kinda perfect. Via Daily Dream Decor.

A DIY collage can be achieved by attaching a bunch of frames to a base. Oh…and let’s take a moment to marvel at the CUTE model. It’s my Sophia modeling (that’s right! modeling!) in the pages of Ladies’ Home Journal!

soph modeling in LHJ

I love these pics stuck up on a wall above a mantel. via Apartment Therapy from Domino

Some more oversized pics, this time in a grid. Via Tara Whitney.

Let’s take another look at the Palihouse frame. I love it and I really want to do it. BUT it’s so big and probably expensive (for the frame) and hard to change the photos and they’re all horizontal. I’m dying to do this but I need to modify it somehow. But how?

This seems a little less daunting. Via More Design Please.

And of course, there’s always the gallery wall option. I particularly like this idea of black and white pics in all red frames. Those little gallery lights make it perfect. Via ELLE Decor.

elle decor red frames

Personally, I like to use simple candid pictures. One of my favorite pictures in my house is this one on our gallery wall. I call it Thelma and Louise. It’s a canvas print but I don’t really recommend them. I think they’re very pale compared to the original.

I don’t know about you but I’m totally inspired right now. I might go build a frame that’s taller than me or maybe I’ll buy 200 of those cheap Ikea frames and make a wall collage. Either way, I’m motivated and you know what that means…you’ll be seeing the results soon!

Tell me…how do you display personal pictures in your home? A gallery wall? A grid? Oversized prints? Just a few prints in the hall or staircase? Or are they covering your house? Tell me in the comments…


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9 thoughts on “Pin of the Week: Displaying Personal Pictures”

  1. Love this post, I plan to do a big poster of travel photos my fiance and I have taken on our adventures! Our philosophy is, “the more photos, the better!”

  2. Love this post! My husband and I have been thinking of putting some photos on canvas… of the girls and some artsy ones… Thanks for the inspiration on displaying them differently!

      1. Love this! Where can I buy a huge collage frame like the one pictured? I’m stumped.

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