How a Crafting Fail Turned into Something Useful

Last weekend when the girls were begging me to take them to Michael’s to pick up some crafting goodies, I decided we should challenge ourselves to use some of things we already had at home. I took to the attic and found boxes of sticker mosaics they had never finished, bags of beads just begging to be strung, and an old Martha by Mail beading kit.

wine 006

I’ve had it for at least 10 years. No joke, I moved this from our NYC apartment, to our townhouse in Union, and then to our house in Westfield. I think I may have attempted it once years ago but it was way too much of a pain in the a$$. Not to be one to give up (even if it takes me 10 years!), I decided to attempt this simple fish. (Please note: this is a kids’ beading kit. But by Martha standards, I think that means that most grown adults will still have trouble doing it.)

wine 008

My kids have made a bunch of these kinds of crafts before but none of us had ever attempted anything with beads this small. Well, let me tell you, they suck. I got through the second step and decided to bail. Yup, that’s right. I quit in front of my kids.

wine 009

But all was not lost because I figured I could use the beads and wire to make something I’ve needed for a long time: wine charms. Those are the little rings of beads that you can link onto a wine glass stem so I don’t mix up my reisling (yum!) with someone else’s chardonnay (no thank you).

wine 003

Once Sophia saw what I was up to and how easy it was (just twist the end in a loop, stick on some beads and make a hook on the other end), she jumped in and helped me.

wine 002

Surely, they are very “homemade” looking but I guess that just means that everytime I use them, I’ll remember making them with Sophia. (She even thinks we can hang them on juice box straws for kids’ parties!)

wine 004

I even used one of the little bead boxes from the kit to keep them in.

wine 005

So Martha Stewart, it’s not what you planned but I think it came out a little more perfect than you could ever imagine.


Sue at Home

P.S. I mean, what was I going to do with that little beaded fish anyway?

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A Name Plaque for Lily or How My 4 Year Old Taught Me a Lesson


After our trip to Aruba this past February, Lily and I brought back a few pieces of coral from the beach so we could make a custom sign for her room. Luckily for Lily, it’s pretty easy to find pieces of coral that look like L, i, l and y.


All we needed was a simple board that I picked up at Michael’s, some craft paint I had on hand, and some heavy duty glue.


Lily picked a pretty sea-colored blue to paint the base. I’ll admit: I was twitching watching her paint it. I know the point of it was for her to do something fun and creative but the perfectionist in me was having a hard time watching the bristles of the brush bend backward.


After painting the board, I pulled out the Gorilla Glue — the master of all glues. I was ready to take over for this step because that glue is no joke and I was sure that Lily would glue her hand to her face if I let her do it. (What is wrong with me that I can’t trust her to do anything on her own?)


The packaging on the glue warns that it expands but…it just kept on expanding. And expanding. And expanding…


…until the glue that I put behind the Y gooped out so much the shape of the letter was almost unrecognizable. I mean, sure, it looks a little like that frothy, foamy stuff when a wave crashes on the sand so it’s kinda still close to the theme but it’s not quite what I was imagining. (Notice that Lily’s paint job is perfect and it’s my gluing job that totally sucks.)


I was so mad at myself for screwing it up. Immediately, I started planning a way to fix the project. I figured I could slice the coral off the board with an exacto knife (or even a saw!) and then we could try again on the other side. But when Lily came to see if it was dry, she was thrilled with it. I apologized for putting too much glue on it but — get this! — she thought it looked great.


In my demented mind, I wanted it to come out just as I had pictured it but to her, it was a just a cool project she made with her mom. And that made it perfect. (No matter how much glue was oozing out!)

So…into her room it went. Her “perfect” custom-made “Lily” sign made with coral that we found on the beach in Aruba.


And I must admit…it looks absolutely perfect.



Sue at Home

P.S. Read more about Lily’s room here and here.