Our Wedding: What It’s All About

Wedding week continues and after the location, the clothes and the decorative details, we finally get down to what it’s all about:

The people.

I was sure as the wedding approached that I had it all figured out. I had my lists and everything was designed, booked, and organized. But on the day of the wedding, I realized that all the stressing over cake and flowers and dresses was silly. Because I finally figured out that it’s all about marrying the love of your life surrounded by all the people who love both of you. It was truly surreal to be surrounded by my family and friends and his family and friends and to realize that they were all there for us. I loved seeing “his people” having fun with “my people”. In fact, one of my friends and one of his friends “met again” that night and now they’ve been married for nearly 7 years and just became parents. (Is it wrong that I take a little credit for that?)

So, here is what it’s all about:


The best advice I can give a bride-to-be is just enjoy it. Something will probably go wrong (like, why are there flowers on the cake when they’re not supposed to be there? or what do you mean you don’t have the CD that has our wedding song on it?) but only you can ruin your day. Just brush it off and move on because as long as he shows up, you’re going to have the time of your life. (And I owe it all to youuuuuu! Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

Did I mention that we were a featured Wedding of the Week on The Knot in 2003. Check it out here.

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Sue at Home

All photos by Mark Nelson.

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