47 Park Avenue

Can we talk about 47 Park Avenue? It’s one of my favorite blogs and I just had to share a few pictures from it.

47 park ave mantel

It’s written by a guy named Michael in England who shares his home with a guy named Jonathan and it’s just a simply a diary of their renovations.  I can’t really tell you much else about the guys – their site doesn’t even have pictures of them – but Michael’s Blogger profile says he’s the owner of Shootfactory, a UK based location agent. (I only know their names because they each have their own private dressing rooms in the house. Yup. You read that right. Check them out here and here.)

Michael claims he’s not a professional designer/decorator but damn, does he have a good eye. He is fearless and it ALL works. The attention to detail is simply stunning. Check out some of these shocking before and after shots.


47 park avenue-hall

Stairs AFTER

47 park hall after

Living Room BEFORE

47 park ave reception before

Living Room AFTER

47 park reception after

As you can see, Michael loves a good black ceiling.

Check out their en suite.  (That’s known as a master bath to those of us in the US.) And yes, that’s a chandelier hanging from a metal rolling rack. You know you wish you thought of that.

47 park bathroom

One of my favorite spaces is the home office that he carved out of the upstairs hallway:

47 park ave office desk

I love the Boardwalk vintage sign – and the dog, of course.  Note to self: black floors look as awesome as black ceilings.

47 park avenue office

And if the bulldog wasn’t enough for you, there’s always this looker sitting next to a pink couch.

47 park pink couch

All images via 47 Park Avenue. Get on over there to see the rest of this room. And make sure you subscribe to be the first to hear about the forthcoming  47 Park Avenue online shop.

Good work Michael, you mysterious genius! Can’t wait to see what you do with the kitchen!


Sue at Home

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