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I’m in Peony Heaven

I wish you could smell my house right now.

peony-220My sweet husband has started a precedent that I hope continues for a long time. On the Friday night of Mother’s Day weekend, he shows up at home with a HUGE bundle of peonies.

You see, I don’t ask much for Mother’s Day – I just want to spend time with my family, get some very personal handmade cards, and fill my house with lots and lots of peonies. I don’t expect flowers for Valentine’s Day or my birthday but when it’s peony season–for just a few fleeting weeks–I want peonies. Specifically, Festiva Maxima. Those are the bright white ones (shown above) with a touch of magenta in the center. They have a scent that is like nothing else.

So, after Pablo comes in the bundle, I get to work snipping and arranging. (Don’t get mad that he doesn’t arrange them for me. You should know about my controlling nature by now.) And lucky me, I had enough to spread them out all over the house.

I get to wake up with them by my bedside.  (Dontcha love my new initial tray from C Wonder?)


There are a few in the front window. (Who needs to edit her magazines and catalogs. This girl. That’s who.)


A tall vase of pink ones in the living room.


And a single bud in the den. And yes I know this shot is seriously over exposed but I kinda liked the way it made the vase look so let’s pretend it’s intentional, okay? (And there’s a sneek peek of my red chair in the background. Full post on those coming soon!)


And let’s not forget the huge explosion of peonies in the dining room. Boom!


Arranging tip: To get them to stay spread out in such a wide vase, I made a grid on the top of the vase with Scotch tape.


It was the first time I ever tried it and it worked like a charm!


And as I write this, the girls and Pablo are in the newly redecorated playroom art station (blog post coming soon!) working on a top secret project. I can’t imagine what it could be!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a special Mother’s Day wish to all the other mommies out there!


Sue at Home

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A Perfect Mother’s Day

Since I started my new work schedule, weekends have been a lot more calm. Gone is the harried mom who has only 2 days to get everything done – errands, groceries, home improvement projects, and keeping the house neat. Now, with Mondays and Fridays to get those things finished, I can actually enjoy my family on the weekend. And that made for a blissful Mother’s Day.

It started with this view  – and the sweet smell of peonies to go with it.

 Pablo had snagged a huge bundle of my favorite flowers on Friday night. I often wish that peony season were longer but if it were, I wouldn’t be able to control myself and I would surely be homeless, drunk from the scent, and all alone with only my peonies to my name.

After waking up, I had a few moments while I pretended to be sleeping to read The Mockingjay. (I decided to read Catching Fire and The Mockingjay again after seeing The Hunger Games movie. Wasn’t it amazing?)

I quickly hid the book so they could “wake me up” with this beautiful tray of coffee. What? There’s something else on the tray? Sorry – I only have eyes for coffee that early in the morning.

Then I was given these handmade cards that were so sweet. I was shocked at how creative Pablo was. Nothing on a rack in a store can compare to these!

We ran a few errands (because being productive is my idea of fun) and then packed lunches to head out for a picnic. We even stopped at an open house for a new build that just came on the market. (Again…my twisted idea of fun since we’re totally not looking to move.)  It was nice but not as nice as a million plus should get you. I’ll keep my little house that I love for all the right reasons.

We ended up at a little path by a pond that leads to a playground and some picnic tables on the edge of a huge town park.

Now let me tell you, this whole “eating lunch outside” is not the Erneta-family norm. I mean, my idea of being outdoorsy is more like this.

Even our kids were a little shocked by this new endeavor. Want proof? Here’s Sophia marveling at the world’s smallest caterpillar crawling across a leaf.

After lunch we hit the playground where Pablo played the dumbest/most fun game in his repertoire. I swear – the kids LOVE this and I must admit, I could watch it for hours. It simply never gets old. Sure is awesome to have a husband who will do anything to make his kids (and wife!) laugh.

When we got home, we worked on some home improvements in the front yard. Him: planting some grass seed so our shrub bed is not so wide. Me: Chipping paint off of the foundation so I can repaint it. I did it long enough to feel sort of productive and then I pulled the “It’s Mother’s Day” card and decided I had done enough. (More on that project at a later date.) Meanwhile the ladies spied the garden hose and decided it might be time for their first soak of the season.

Afterwards, I took to the deck for a little arts and crafts session where I painted some pots I had gotten at Home Depot. It was relaxing and quiet and the weather was perfect…and the Twisted Tea Half and Half didn’t hurt either. (More on the pot painting project soon.)

Next up came a nice dinner (cooked by Pablo!) out on the deck. It was a day filled with relaxation, DIY, arts and crafts, peonies, food that I didn’t have to cook, Twisted Tea and a lot of laughs and love. I have a feeling that it will be hard to top this Mother’s Day for a long time. But I’m sure we can try!


Sue at Home