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Designer Rachael Goddard

My dear friend Rachael recently relocated from NYC to LA with her young family and after searching for a neighborhood that felt right to her, she finally found one in Calabasas. Problem is…the house needs a little decorating love. Luckily for her, she has found Rachael Goddard of Paint Design Decor. When I saw Goddard’s website, I was gasping. Her work is so so so simple but just so so so perfect. It’s all livable (kids allowed!) but still very elegant. She’s known for her stencil work but I’m dying over every room (stencil or not). I know my friend Rachael will be in great hands with Rachael (Yes – they’re both named Rachael and they both spell it with the extra “a”)! My Rach has promised to share some before and afters of the design process as it goes along but in the meantime, let’s drool over some of Goddard’s work.

First up, a beautiful striped ceiling.


This is such a perfect example of how to update a “builder basic” house with moldings and details, like those stunning black stairs.


I love the curves of the table with the pattern on the rug.

rachael goddard LR

I mean, this is pretty much my dream kitchen.


Again, this is insanely simple but the restraint shown here is very difficult to pull off.


And lest you think she only works in black and white, check out these fun kids’ rooms.


Even with these bold patterns, this room seems so subtle.


Oh, yes…I’ll come right over.


All images via Paint Design Decor.

Good luck Rach! Can’t wait to come and visit again!


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1 thought on “Designer Rachael Goddard”

  1. I had to pin some of these! Love the other Rachael’s designs. I’m a big fan of black and white with colorful accents here and there. And I love the damask stencils; damask is my favorite motif of all times! It’s sprinkled all over my apartment. Can’t wait to have a place all to myself (sans roommates) to really make it my own.

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