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The Hunt for Master Bedroom Bedding

Last week, when I told you about the room that inspired our master bedroom palette, I touched upon the decadent, sumptuous, to-die-for bedding from Olatz Schnabel that graced her bed in our inspiration picture. I would have loved a full set of her bedding but I don’t have a spare $4000 sitting around so it’s not going to happen. But, that’s no reason not to dream a little and try to find a similar solution.  Here are a few shots of Olatz‘ bedding line. Let the drooling begin.

Olatz Schnabel (the person) draping her gorgeous self across her gorgeous bedding (from Olatz, the bedding line) on her gorgeous bed via Pursuit of Style (It’s just wrong to look that good.)

A clear shot of the full set via Olatz. The sham is only $300. Maybe I could just get one??

The pink and red version  in ELLE Decor with…wait. What is that? Yes. Yes, that is a MATCHING HEADBOARD. Just kill me now.

This famous cover is like a trifecta of style obsessions: Domino + Jenna Lyons + her Olatz bedding = my head about to explode! Throw in black painted walls and that fireplace and I’m dead. Dead. via Habitually Chic

The Bowery Hotel apparently has Olatz bedding in every room. May I move in, please? (This pic via NY Mag)

When GQ (my first job was the Fashion Closet Assistant there!) did a story on the best bedding, of course they needed to include Olatz bedding. Insert cute girl in bra and panties to GQ-ify it.

Little Green Notebook did a makeover on Joanna Goddard‘s bedroom and she had an Olatz-ish duvet made for the room. Perhaps this is an option for me? (Still can’t be cheap though…)

CarolynMAKING has a great no-sew (!!) DIY of the Olatz bedding. She did an amazing job but I feel like I could screw up something  even this simple.

The crazy thing is that I look at these pics and think, “Everyone makes duvets like this. I’ve GOT to be able to find something similar.” But the problem is the colors. You just can’t find that bright orangey red or that regal purple at mass brands. Pottery Barn makes a nice duvet and sham with a band of color. But in classic “Pottery Barn style”, the color choices are basically beige, beige and more beige.

I found our current duvet at Lands’ End about 9 months ago. They don’t have it anymore but I highly recommend their bedding. It’s super soft, really nice quality and priced very reasonably.

It’s frustrating to know there’s got to be something similar out there and just not be able to find it.  (Please let me know if you have a resource for me!) I might just have to try the DIY. If I do, you know you’ll hear all about it! Until then, I’ll live with my subtle stripes because let’s face it, that old way-too-small headboard is a much bigger problem than the duvet! More on that later….


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Master bedroom Inspiration: Olatz Schnabel

If you’re like me, you’re used to devouring image after image of beautiful interiors whether it’s through magazines, blogs or everyone’s beloved Pinterest. But every once in awhile, you hit upon an image that stops you dead in your tracks and just stays with you. For me, that feeling hit when I saw this image of Olatz Schnabel’s bedroom in House Beautiful.

olatz house beautiful

It’s totally elegant but the colors make it completely fun. It features primarily white bedding (my favorite) but with a band of the richest purple I’ve ever seen to make it totally decadent. That aqua wall color (HB said it’s Benjamin Moore Blue Diamond) is totally up my alley but the bedding, rug, art, and draperies make the wall color almost an afterthought.

blue diamond

In case you don’t know who Olatz Schnabel is, here’s the brief: She’s the ex-wife of artist Julian Schnabel (Yes, that’s his art in the room) and she designs a beautiful bedding line called Olatz. (Yes, that would be her line on the bed.) In case you’re thinking of clicking on over there and picking up a set, let me first tell you that a king duvet cover in cotton will run you $1265. What’s that you say? You’d like the linen one instead of cotton? Oh. Then that’ll be $2015. Ouch.

olatz-schnabel-on bed

This more recent shot of the other side of the room, below, featured in T, shows the wall color a lot closer to the real thing. I love how she uses dark frames against the blue wall. Looks like she might have switched out the rug at some point, too.

olatz in t

So, anyway – I pulled this pic from House Beautiful back in the summer of 2010 and held onto it assuming my husband would never sign off on something so “decorated”. All that color would just be too much for him! But after we moved in and we were planning a way to take our master out of the cream zone and into the light, we revisited the picture and–surprise, surprise– I got the okay! Granted, we’re just using the color palette as an inspiration. (Alas, there will be no Olatz bedding or Julian Schnabel originals.)

Just to get a real appreciation for the sad room we’re starting with, check out what our master bedroom looked like when we saw the house. Granted, it’s not hideous. Not at all. But for people who love color, it’s a little “vanilla”. (Forgive the horrible picture!)

So, after I decided on this palette, I started realizing I had so many other pictures in my tearsheet folders or pinned that were in a similar color scheme. I love that they all read as very elegant rooms (even the kid’s rooms in the mix!) but they’re totally fun and not at all “vanilla”.

Check out these red twin beds via Domino (all pics can be found via my Master Bedroom Pinterest board unless otherwise noted.)

domino twins

Love this sexy red bed that comes from designer Miles Redd. Also from Domino.

miles redd red

Little girl’s room via Hi Sugarplum! (I highly contemplated painting Sophia’s vintage bed to look like this awhile back. I still might.)

painted bed

 Australian Designer Diane Bergeron created this room. I saw it on House of Turquoise.

diane bergeron

Purple walls! A divine suzani! I don’t have the original source! (Let me know if you can help.)

purple walls

Love this teen bedroom by Jennifer Flanders Interior Design. What teenager gets a crystal light fixture like that!?

tween room

This is a newbie pin for me. I love it! From Carla Lane Interiors.

carla lane

I have to wonder if any of these were inspired by Olatz’s bedroom!

I’ve finally taken some pics of our bedroom so I promise lots of “After” shots coming soon. For now, a little teaser:

More coming soon! (UPDATE: You can find more pics of our bedroom here!)


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