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S’s Tween Room Update

I know I’ve been missing in action for more than a few months but rather than discuss all the very boring reasons I haven’t been around (like less projects happening and less time to report on the few I have been doing), let’s just get to it, okay?

S recently turned 10 (how did THAT happen??) and her big gift for her birthday was a bedroom update. She got a new headboard, bedding, a recycled rug (we got a new one for the living room and moved the old living room rug into her room), plus a full closet makeover. I also made a no-cost bulletin board for her with some old stuff we had around the house. Let’s see how it came out:

sophs room 034 sophs room 038sophs room 043

Her new white velvet headboard is from Amazon, the chevron shams and white studded pillow are PB Teen, the pillow cases (and matching sheets) and the turquoise pillow are from Target, and the pink cashmere one is an old one we had from Ann Taylor. The furry blanket on the end of the bed was a cheap Marshalls find.

sophs room 071

Sophia also recently made some washi tape updates: some stripes on her nightstand, a “framed” jewelry display and some decorations on her lightswitch.

sophs room 058 sophs room 059

sophs room 061 sophs room 062

Her curtains and her corner shelf are the same.

sophs room 086sophs room 083I can’t remember if she had the turquoise marquee heart when I last shared her room. It’s from Target but I don’t think they carry it anymore. Sorry! You can find a similar one here.

sophs room 093

She wanted a bulletin board so I took an old one I had in the attic and spray painted the frame gold. Then I covered the cork with some old wallpaper that I’ve had in the attic for years. (See? Hording craft supplies does pay off!)

sophs room 112

sophs room 133

I love that she put up a mix of photos, some pages from the Crewcuts catalog, and pictures of her favorite stars (like Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor) that she cut out of M magazine. (I love that my little big girl loves magazines as much as I do!)

sophs room 122

Her desk/vanity looks pretty much the same. I think it’s her favorite thing in her room!

sophs room 104sophs room 145sophs room 109

But her closet is totally new! I’m hoping to write a post with all the details of the makeover soon.

sophs room 154

sophs room 155 sophs room 160 sophs room 167

I love how the rug pulls the room together.

sophs room 148 sophs room 149

It’s been a gradual evolution over the last four years but hopefully it’ll stay like this for awhile.  (Knowing S, it won’t. I wonder where she gets that need to make changes all the time?)

Here are all the other posts I’ve written about her room if you want to see the changes.

A New Old Desk by “S at Home” (the one where S remodels a deks for her room)

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House Tour: S’s Room Part Two (the one with all the resources)

House Tour: S’s Room Part One (the one with the inspiration pictures and ideas)

I’ll be back soon with all the details about her closet remodel. (You will not believe the before and afters!)

In the meantime, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @sue_erneta for the day-to-day updates!


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House Tour: Master Bedroom

If you feel like you’ve already seen our master bedroom, you’re right. But you see, I realized when I was writing about all the Urban Outfitters stuff in our house that even though I wrote a lot of posts about our master bedroom (8 in total!), I never gave a proper piece-by-piece room tour with resource listings. (Bad blogger!) So, here it is.


Headboard – found in the garbage room of my first apartment about 20 years ago!

White sheets and white pillow casesLands’ End

Duvet cover – Lands’ End (No longer available. Similar available…well,nowhere!! Read all about my hunt for it here.)

Bed skirt – JC Penney (No longer available)

Shams – Urban Outfitters (No longer available. Similar here.)

Chevron pillow – Lands’ End (No longer available. Similar here.)

Linen PillowAtsuyo et Akiko (I’ve now moved it to my living room where it sits in the pink chair.)


 RugUrban Outfitters


Nightstands – Pottery Barn (No longer available. Similar here.)

Lamps on Nightstands – Martha Stewart  from way back – before the Macy’s & Home Depot lines – when she carried stuff like this on her website. (Similar here.)


Pill-shaped carafe and glassJonathan Adler


Printed curtains – Urban Outfitters  (No longer available. Similar here.) Find out how I magically lengthened them here.

Black curtain rodsIkea

White curtains – Ikea (No longer available. Similar here.)

Hidden curtain rodHome Depot (A genius solution when you want two curtains. Check out the price!)


Vintage dresser – Craigslist

FramesPottery Barn


Lucite tray – Home Goods (similar here)

Square Bowl – gift so I don’t have a resource (similar here)

Footed bowl – I had this for so long, I can’t remember where I got it! (similar here)



For Like Ever posterSuper-Rural

Poster frameTarget


Frame with necklacesPottery Barn (I spray painted it black)

Wrapping paper in frame – Old Navy (no longer available)

Black lacquered boxContainer Store

Red metallic pigDaytrip Jr.

It’s still a work in progress (I mean, why would you ever want to STOP decorating?) but it’s come a long way from the bland creamy cream room it once was, huh?

master before

For more posts about our master bedroom, check out these links:

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DIY: Quick and Easy Jewelry Display

 What’s Wrong With My Bedroom


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Jewelry Storage: Phase 2

Remember awhile back when I showed you my jewels and how I keep them all corralled? (Don’t worry–I’m not quizzing you! I’ll give you a reminder.) Here’s the landscape: Cocktail rings and dangly earrings were in the little square bowl, bracelets and long chains were in the orange lucite tray, and chunkier necklaces and a few more bracelets were in the top dresser drawer.

But the problem (if you can consider it a problem!) is that I have a lot more jewelry than what you see here. I figure as a mom of two girls, there’s not a lot of reason to purge all of the goodies I’ve accumulated during my 15 year career as a fashion editor. (If it’s not worn for real in the future, it can at least be used for “dress up”, no?) I had bags full of costume jewelry that hadn’t seen the light of day since we moved to our little house in December of 2010 so I pulled it all out and laid each piece on the bed in order to prioritize and survey it all. It took a few hours to unpack, untangle and sort, sort, sort but at least I got a chance to really see what I have. (You’ll notice my little helpers popping into the pics below. They couldn’t help themselves!)

It’s interesting to see how trends change. Right now, I’m wearing a lot of  bracelets with either a shorter collared necklace or a long chain necklace. A year or two ago, it was all about a chunky necklace and a cocktail ring. Five years ago, I always wore huge bangle bracelets. And a decade ago, I would never leave the house without a chandelier earring. But I do like to mix it up so I want to keep some options from each group available and store the rest away–but not so far away that I can’t see it or find it when I want to. 

The next step after laying everything out was to figure out what I wanted to be able to access every day–which is a small portion of the total. It was pretty easy to put the new selections back in place:

This time I put only bracelets in the lucite tray, kept earrings and rings in the square bowl, really loaded up the drawer with lots of chunky necklaces, and added a silver compote that I’ve had forever but haven’t been using.

In the compote are most of the smaller wrap bracelets that I wear often.

The only things not on display were the long chains and for those, well, I just didn’t have a solution…yet. (Wait for tomorrow’s post for my problem-solving ah-ha moment. It’s a pretty easy DIY that I’m very proud of. I just love it when something is cheap, quick and functional–and it looks pretty good too!)

The next step was to edit out the stuff I don’t need to be accessing each day. And that was all going to be stored in the greatest storage tool on the planet. I know that is a huge statement but seriously, I have never seen anything that can store this much stuff in this small of a space. It’s the Joy Mangano jewelry organizer from HSN and unfortunately, it’s sold out right now. How could they let that happen? They’ve got to be restocking soon. They’ve just got to!  (Note to self: Don’t take pictures at night again like this crappy one. Sorry, readers!)

And there’s more, kids. It folds, zips closed, and hangs on a hanger. GENIUS!

Of course, since I have no closet space and what little space I have is pitch black (with only a flashlight hanging from a ribbon to guide me…I. KID. YOU. NOT.), I hung this divine invention in my walk-up attic where a quick trip up the stairs can offer me a bunch of options.

Make sure you read tomorrow for my necklace storage DIY!


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What’s Wrong with My Bedroom

There are quite a few things that I like about my redecorated master bedroom but like most things in this house, it’s still a work in progress. Let’s look at how far we’ve come before we see how much farther we need to go.

Not bad but not quite there yet.  You see, I’ve conveniently hidden most of the flaws in my progress shots. (What? You would too and you know it!) Anyway, here’s the honest post where I reveal all the ugly blemishes.

Problem #1: The hideous flushmount light that came with the house. It’s not as bad as some of the other buzzing florescent “boob” lights which we’ve taken down all over the house but it definitely needs to go. So, why is it still there, you ask?  Because I’m not sure what I want to replace it with. Suggestions welcome!

Problem #2: The XL air conditioner that’s built into the wall. For a house with central air, I don’t really see why we need another AC unit in the bedroom. But since it’s BUILT INTO THE WALL, removing it will be a nightmare. So for now, our long curtains hide it.

Problem #3: The too-small headboard. Agreed, it’s got some mid-century coolness but the fact that it’s made for a full bed and we have it propped against the wall behind our king is a little silly. My old roomie found it in the garbage room of our first NYC apartment forever ago – I’m talking mid-90s here. It was free and I’ve used it forever so I think it’s time to spend some money on a grown-up bed. But in classic “Sue at Home” -style, I’m  looking to DIY a headboard (I’ve got a few tutorials saved on Pinterest) and you know I’ll share all the details with you once it happens.

Problem #4: It’s connected to the small, ugliest, “before” of a bathroom. I mean, who puts a half bath in a master? It’s the next room to get a full overhaul but we’re waiting until we can save up some funds. And in the meantime, I’m gathering lots of bathroom inspiration on my bathroom inspiration board on Pinterest. (Check it out and tell me what you think!)

Do you have scary secrets lurking in your house? It’s okay. You can tell me! Leave your confession in the comments.


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Jewelry Storage: A Work in Progress

In our old house, we had an enormous master bathroom where I had enough room for a dresser whose sole purpose was to store my jewelry. Let your head absorb that for a moment. An entire dresser for jewelry! Now, in my small master, there’s barely a dresser top and one drawer for my baubles. Which means that most of them live in bags in the closet. It’s sad, really.

So, my jewelry storage isn’t perfect but it’s working for me…for now. Check it:

The neon orange acrylic tray was a Home Goods find. It’s lived all over the house but I like it best for my jewelry. I keep most of the everyday options in here – some long chain necklaces, wrap bracelets, and some bangles –  big and small.

I store my cocktails rings and my dangley earrings in this  little square silver bowl. (I can’t for the life of me remember where I got it. I certainly don’t love it but it does the job so for now, so it stays!)

My wedding band, engagement ring and watch live in this ashtray when I’m not wearing them. I got it in Paris and – full disclosure –  I can’t imagine how it ended up in my handbag. (I’ll blame the caviar and vodka.)

Some of the bigger statement pieces – necklaces and bracelets –  live in the top drawer of the dresser.

The “drawer liner” is actually wrapping paper that I got years ago at…you’re never going to believe this…Old Navy. Crazy, right? I love it and I might frame a piece of it to display in front of the poster in the room.


If you’re willing to dedicate a little more space to jewelry storage, here are some good ideas:

Monaluna‘s frame with hooks

Jewelry as wall art at BH&G

Catherine of Hallelu on the Glitter Guide

Cabinet and bowls via Martha Stewart


The great embroidery hoop trick via Apartment Therapy

Sherry’s baubles in an egg crate via Young House Love

I have way too many pieces to do any of these options (remember, you’re only seeing a fraction of my collection in the pics above) but as the mom of two girls, I know I’ll regret parting with any of it. Think of all the future “dress-up” parties we’ll need things for, right??

Tell me…how do you store your jewelry?  Or better yet…how do you pair it down?  For now, I’ll horde mine in the little bit of space I have…


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DIY: Lengthening our Master Bedroom Curtains

I suppose putting DIY in the title of this post is a little misleading. It should be more like “figure-out-how-to-do-it-and-then-hire-someone-else-to-do-it-because-you-can’t-sew”. That’s a little more honest. But if you can sew then you can absolutely do this yourself. Anyway…

I have a love/hate relationship with curtains. I mean, I get it – I know that they can totally transform a room but I find them to be a little fuddy duddy and too “designer-y” for my taste  – plus they are often A SMALL FORTUNE. For just a piece of fabric. It kinda makes me crazy.

Let me stop and remind you about the inspiration picture for our bedroom. Olatz Schnabel’s bedroom from House Beautiful. Ahhh. I could just stare at this pic all day. It’s so dreamy.

olatz house beautiful

Yes, I’m aware we don’t have high ceilings like that, nor do we have a gajillion dollar bed but still, I figured we can work with the color palette. Just go with it, ok?

(Sidenote: Before I get into telling you about the curtains I ended up with, let’s just gloss over the EPIC CURTAIN FAIL that happened when I ordered 4 red silk shantung panels from Macy’s. Small room with low ceilings + inexpensive but trying-to-look-expensive drapery panels = turning one’s bedroom into a brothel. I’m not talking about a high class Heidi Fleiss kinda place. I’m talking about 8th and forty-deuce. It was HORRIBLE. They were quickly returned and we shall never speak of this again. Okay? Okay.)

So, I spent a lot of time looking high and low for some curtains for our bedroom. I knew I wanted something that would really pop against our blue walls. Something in either a bold red or a rich purple or even a major print. There were many I fell in love with – most from Anthropologie. Some are long gone now but the ones I was loving are similar to these:

The Marrakech Curtain – This would add an eclectic vibe.

Wandering pleats – I love that rich purple color.

And the new Swing Stripes curtain (they’ve got POM POMS! And I love me some pom poms!)

Since an Anthro curtain can run you from $148-188 per panel, these were all out of the question. (I needed 4 panels and there was NO way I would be spending $600+ on curtains when I don’t even have a grown-up bed.  More on that at a later date.)

Then I started looking through the curtains at Anthropologie’s little sister, Urban Outfitters, and there were a lot of pretty prints. They’re all much lighter, semi-sheer cottons but I kind of like that look so I didn’t mind. (Remember, I’ve got an aversion to thick, fancy, old ladyish “draperies”.) I was thrilled when I found this amazing one that was kind of flourishy in purple, orangey-red and even a little of a light blue that kind of worked with our walls. (It’s still available in other colors.)

I bought the longest length they had (84″) and I hung the rod a little bit above the window so the curtains skimmed the floor. I don’t have a picture of this because I was embarrassed by how it looked.  Here’s the problem: We all know that curtains need to be hung as close to the ceiling as possible so I knew I was trying to cheat and get away with a cheap solution. What was I thinking? (I know actually. I was thinking about doing it as cheaply as possible.)

In case it’s unclear what I mean, check out the great post from Erin Gates of one of my favorite blogs, Elements of Style. She illustrates the problem in the most simple way:

Hanging curtains way up there just makes the ceilings look higher – and it gives the room a French boudoir feel to it. Ooh la la!

 But I had 84″ curtains and I needed 96″. So how to deal with too-short curtains? I ordered 1 extra panel from Urban and they were on sale at that point so I got it for a song. Then I brought all 5 of the panels to my tailor (that sounds so fancy but it’s just my dry cleaner who hems stuff for me!) and asked her to cut the extra panel and add an extra 12 inches to the bottom of each curtain. Is it perfect? Nope! But I asked my dry cleaner to do it and I think she charged me $20 for all 4 panels so I’m not going to complain. (If I had done it myself, I probably would have been a little more anal particular about lining up the print perfectly but I’m quite sure they would not have been sewn straight.) See how messed up there are?

It’s pretty obvious there but when I pull back it’s not as bad. I don’t think anyone would notice unless I pointed it out. See?

One cheap place where you can always count on finding long curtains is Ikea. They sell most panels in one long length that comes with hemming tape so you can make them any length you want. We have these polka dot ones in Sophia’s room. I think they look great and they were so cheap. You can’t beat $13.99 for a pair! The hot pink crinkle sheers are from here. (For more pictures and details about Sophia’s room, click here and here. )

Since I finally took some decent pics of our master, this will be the first in a series of posts about what’s happening in the bedroom. (No. Not that stuff! Get your head out of the gutter!) So, make sure you subscribe to Sue at Home to see all the action. (Decorating action! Jeez. You should be ashamed.)

UPDATE: Click the links below to see more of our master bedroom.

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Jewelry Storage: Phase 2

DIY: Quick and Easy Jewelry Display

 What’s Wrong With My Bedroom


Sue at Home

For more about the inspiration behind the Master Bedroom remodel (plus a Before pic), click here.


Master bedroom Inspiration: Olatz Schnabel

If you’re like me, you’re used to devouring image after image of beautiful interiors whether it’s through magazines, blogs or everyone’s beloved Pinterest. But every once in awhile, you hit upon an image that stops you dead in your tracks and just stays with you. For me, that feeling hit when I saw this image of Olatz Schnabel’s bedroom in House Beautiful.

olatz house beautiful

It’s totally elegant but the colors make it completely fun. It features primarily white bedding (my favorite) but with a band of the richest purple I’ve ever seen to make it totally decadent. That aqua wall color (HB said it’s Benjamin Moore Blue Diamond) is totally up my alley but the bedding, rug, art, and draperies make the wall color almost an afterthought.

blue diamond

In case you don’t know who Olatz Schnabel is, here’s the brief: She’s the ex-wife of artist Julian Schnabel (Yes, that’s his art in the room) and she designs a beautiful bedding line called Olatz. (Yes, that would be her line on the bed.) In case you’re thinking of clicking on over there and picking up a set, let me first tell you that a king duvet cover in cotton will run you $1265. What’s that you say? You’d like the linen one instead of cotton? Oh. Then that’ll be $2015. Ouch.

olatz-schnabel-on bed

This more recent shot of the other side of the room, below, featured in T, shows the wall color a lot closer to the real thing. I love how she uses dark frames against the blue wall. Looks like she might have switched out the rug at some point, too.

olatz in t

So, anyway – I pulled this pic from House Beautiful back in the summer of 2010 and held onto it assuming my husband would never sign off on something so “decorated”. All that color would just be too much for him! But after we moved in and we were planning a way to take our master out of the cream zone and into the light, we revisited the picture and–surprise, surprise– I got the okay! Granted, we’re just using the color palette as an inspiration. (Alas, there will be no Olatz bedding or Julian Schnabel originals.)

Just to get a real appreciation for the sad room we’re starting with, check out what our master bedroom looked like when we saw the house. Granted, it’s not hideous. Not at all. But for people who love color, it’s a little “vanilla”. (Forgive the horrible picture!)

So, after I decided on this palette, I started realizing I had so many other pictures in my tearsheet folders or pinned that were in a similar color scheme. I love that they all read as very elegant rooms (even the kid’s rooms in the mix!) but they’re totally fun and not at all “vanilla”.

Check out these red twin beds via Domino (all pics can be found via my Master Bedroom Pinterest board unless otherwise noted.)

domino twins

Love this sexy red bed that comes from designer Miles Redd. Also from Domino.

miles redd red

Little girl’s room via Hi Sugarplum! (I highly contemplated painting Sophia’s vintage bed to look like this awhile back. I still might.)

painted bed

 Australian Designer Diane Bergeron created this room. I saw it on House of Turquoise.

diane bergeron

Purple walls! A divine suzani! I don’t have the original source! (Let me know if you can help.)

purple walls

Love this teen bedroom by Jennifer Flanders Interior Design. What teenager gets a crystal light fixture like that!?

tween room

This is a newbie pin for me. I love it! From Carla Lane Interiors.

carla lane

I have to wonder if any of these were inspired by Olatz’s bedroom!

I’ve finally taken some pics of our bedroom so I promise lots of “After” shots coming soon. For now, a little teaser:

More coming soon! (UPDATE: You can find more pics of our bedroom here!)


Sue at Home

P.S. And if you like bold bedrooms like me, don’t forget to follow my Master Bedroom Inspiration board on Pinterest! Actually, why not follow all my Pinterest boards?